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Synonyms for vatic

of or relating to the foretelling of events by or as if by supernatural means

Synonyms for vatic

resembling or characteristic of a prophet or prophecy

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The references to Crassus and the donning of the vatic persona in Propertius can be explained by the poet's wish to speak about his own poetry and the political events related in it.
spoken in the vatic tone of one who may have accompanied MLK Jr.
The subversive and transformative elements of the vatic tradition in England, particularly as established by Milton's aesthetically and politically radical work, appealed to both first and second generation Romantic authors who sought not simply to describe their times but to remake them.
The committed modernist craftsman brooding over his region's tragic past and decadent present grew increasingly vatic and nationalistic in the last two decades of his life, and Brinkmeyer's handling of Faulkner's Hollywood labors in this regard is especially welcome.
As a poet, he is essentially a lyric artist with a deep vein of musicality and a penchant for vatic symbolism that for many years has been anchored in Jewish thought and Jewish lore.
I consulted a clairvoyant in Los Angeles, and I asked this cucumber-shaped vatic if angels really had no lives of their own.
But, Jaeger says, those who have skill as investors don't exploit market inefficiencies or use vatic powers to see tomorrow's stock market.
The poet's assertion simply is not born out by a reading of his poem: Tiresias possesses neither the authority that Eliot would ascribe to him in his notes nor the ordering, vatic role that Browning granted his Pope in The Ring and the Book.
Pound's 1913 Parisian crowd of "Petals on a wet, black bough" lies not far from the poem's genesis, but Frost ducks the vatic for the vernacular terrestrially basing his mortal vision.
Jeffers's vatic vision is our present, down to the angry spirit whispering mutiny: his uncanny premonitions elevate his poetry to the realm of prophecy.
That leader was Elisha, a prophet who enjoyed such repute that even rulers of Aram had confidence in his vatic powers and his political acumen (II Kgs.
Barvis spouts vatic pronouncements that are a blend of advertising lingo, Biblical epithets and parodied Eliotic apocalypticism: "'I am, you hear me Sam?
Together with poets such as Nicanor Parra, Enrique Lihn, Mario Benedetti, Roque Dalton, Jose Emilio Pacheco, and Ernesto Cardenal, Gelman rejected the self-consciously literary or vatic voice of Neruda's Canto general (1950), opting instead for the language of everyday life.
Characterized by their vatic pronouncements, they were neither modest nor succinct and promoted themselves as the first generation of American writers.
In the words of the vatic Vija Kinski, "The present is harder to find.