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the state of a serf

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23) In the Americas, Picornell seems to realize, freedom from the vassalage of feudal patriarchy necessarily means the abolition of African chattel slavery in favor of interracial brotherhood and allegiance to the motherland, that is, on including all of the nation's heterogeneous inhabitants within the "fictive ethnicity" with which Balibar identifies the nation glued together with blood.
Our continued reliance on imported fuels is a form of vassalage.
At any rate, one can safely conjecture that these various mainland Southeast Asian polities were probably related through intermarriage, family ties, and/or vassalage.
In fact, it is difficult to imagine a more inapt comparison than that between feudal vassalage and employment at will.
The slaveholding states had been drifting away from the Enlightenment origins of the American polity for 40 years before the Civil War, egged on by Romantic enthusiasts for hierarchy and vassalage like James Henry Hammond and George Fitzhugh.
This relationship allowed for a direct channel of communication and accountability, without any intermediary vassalage.
After 1480 the appanage princes moved to the position of "auxilliary" princes, and the Boyar vassalage was transformed into a subject relationship.
7 The British established their hold on the princely states of India throughout the 1840s (until the Indian Rebellion of 1857) while the Russian did the same to the khanates of Central Asia, through either military conquest or economic vassalage.
Greeks understand well that further debt servicing will come with unacceptable strings attached--strings that will leave their children and grandchildren in permanent vassalage to the rest of Europe, and the "international community" as a whole.
The Sereer woman are always invited to endorse the qualities of patience, docility and perseverance in silence as conjugal life is regarded as being synonymous with subjugation and a vassalage relationship, a process she must be prepared to bear as the "burden of the household (11).
The period begins with the campaign of Darius I in Scythia, when the Persian army first set foot on European soil, resulting in the subordination of part of Thrace and the vassalage of Macedonia.
Alexis MAGE also finds the characteristics of a feudal economy in virtual worlds: personal link of vassalage, or contract of adhesion, prerogative to license the use of economic facilities, granting of concessions in the virtual land, power to issue coinage in $ Linden; the author identifies as the key difference between feudal and virtual economy the goal of each system: providing livelihoods in the former, supporting growth in the latter.
Marriage in Belmont reconstitutes an idealized feudal world of bonds not through notarized contracts but by oaths, with fealty, in vassalage, of the entire person.
A great factor in the political turbulence of Jeremiah's period was the vassalage of Judah to foreign nations.
In English Romanticism the pastoral idealizes a harmonious rural English life and hides a "harsh world" in which laborers are "bought and sold at hiring fairs" and "customary tenure" keeps the rural classes "in a state of feudal vassalage to local aristocrats who are nevertheless equally adept at capitalist, wage-based forms of exploitation" (Garrard 40) and this is particularly relevant to studying the pastoral in the context of ecocriticism.