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any agent that produces vasoconstriction and a rise in blood pressure (usually understood as increased arterial pressure)

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Frequencies and percentages were calculated for qualitative variables like gender, etiology of epilepsy, previous history of epilepsy, type of SE, response to KE, use of mechanical ventilation and vasopressors and side effects.
One case experienced resistant hypotension and was managed with single or multiple agent vasopressor drugs as per intensive care unit (ICU) protocols.
Eight donor variables (COD, history of hypertension, terminal eGFR, age, history of diabetes, hypotension process, vasopressor used, and CPR event) were found by univariate analysis to be significantly associated with DGF [Table 3].
These include free radical-scavenging and antioxidant activity; enhancing tissue integrity, endothelial function, and blood flow; functioning as a cofactor in the synthesis of catecholamines; and increasing the body's sensitivity to vasopressor agents.
The management of septic shock includes fluid replacement and the administration of inotropic and vasopressor drugs to support the patient.
Septic shock requires a vasopressor dose to remedy hypotension, discoloration of the skin, reduced urine output and altered states of consciousness, tissue perfusion symptoms and lactate levels exceeding 2 mmol [L.
We recommend intraosseous cannulation in adult patients with cardiac arrest instead of being limited to paediatric population or inability to obtain intravenous access, should be considered as an initial procedure of choice during resuscitation measures because of the afore mentioned less time to administration of vasopressor medications, less re-attempts and failure rates.
For this reason clinicians must use the appropriate fluid therapy and inotropic vasopressor agents to obtain satisfactory results.
Septic shock can be identified when, after adequate fluid resuscitation, the patient requires vasopressor therapy to maintain mean arterial pressure of at least 65 mm Hg and has a serum lactate level greater than 2 mmol/L.
There was a remarkable hemodynamic improvement in the following 12 h and vasopressor requirements decreased.
Four hours after admission, the patient remained refractory to all standard resuscitative measures, including intravenous crystalloid infusion, continuous calcium gluconate infusion, gastric lavage, orogastric activated charcoal, and continuous vasopressor support with an epinephrine infusion.
From The Ottawa Hospital's list of high-alert medications, 21 medications were identified in the drug library and were evaluated within six therapeutic classes: vasopressor, insulin, sedative, neuromuscular blocker (NMB), opioids and anticoagulants.
Prostaglandin was given to 46 (55%) of the subjects who had ductus dependent systemic or pulmonary circulation, vasopressor was given to 25 subjects (30%) who had circulatory disorder and vasopressor support plus prostaglandin treatment was given to 12 subjects (14%).
Table 4 shows the incidence of feto-maternal complications vasopressor drugs.