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dilation of blood vessels (especially the arteries)

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Vasodilation increases oxygen supply in humans, which rejuvenates the entire body with enhanced oxygen supply to the brain, body muscles and important organs, which are essential in case of high altitude adaptation.
In the cardiovascular disease group, endothelial-dependent vasodilation improved by 53% in those who received lycopene compared to those who received placebo.
To demonstrate the role of endothelium in EOFAZ-mediated vasodilation in the rat thoracic aorta, concentration-dependent responses to EOFAZ was detected in endothelium-with and endothelium-without rings pre-contracted by NE (1.
increase of the endothelium dependent vasodilation through the mechanism
When the women began taking MPA, endothelin-1 levels increased (not significantly different from hormone antagonist level) and endothelium-dependent vasodilation decreased.
However, in hypertensive subjects, mental stress produced no vasodilation and no significant change in brain blood flow.
Newby and colleagues showed that brief exposure to real-world levels of diesel exhaust caused impairment of arterial vasodilation.
Brachial artery flow-mediated vasodilation as assessed by ultrasound--a standard noninvasive tool for the identification of endothelial dysfunction--was 2.
Oral antihistamine therapy fails to address this specific mechanism for relief of migraine pain, but nasal corticosteroids hold promise in this regard by addressing vasodilation and inflammation, she told this newspaper.
4) reported an ~50-fold mean increase in plasma dopamine (DA) concentrations during intravenous TYR infusion, associated with "paradoxical" forearm vasodilation.
It then diffuses to the vascular smooth-muscle cells and stimulates guanylate cyclase to catalyze the production of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP)--a potent vascular smooth-muscle relaxing agent--resulting in vasodilation and increased blood flow.
It occurs secondary to a sudden reflex vasodilation or bradycardia, or both.
5] The initial vasoconstriction is followed by a rebound vasodilation, which leads to atrophic changes in the mucosal lining.
Researchers found that patients with a healthy level of vitamin C in their bloodstream--which was provided in one study by a daily 500-milligram supplement--had blood vessels with significantly improved vasodilation, the ability to relax and avoid dangerous constriction.