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decrease in the diameter of blood vessels

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Jan was diagnosed with reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome and acute disseminated encephaloA[degrees]myelitis (ADEM), a rare autoimmune disease marked by a sudden inflammation of the brain and spinal cord.
Of these, about a quarter ended up with a diagnosis of nipple vasoconstriction.
IR was associated with exaggerated vasoconstriction to PE, reflected by a significant increase in apparent Emax (p < 0.
2000), but the major drawback is associated with renal vasoconstriction (English et al.
The increase of NO bioavailability obtained with nebivolol therapy could reduce the oxidative-stress, vasoconstriction, platelet aggregation and monocyte adhesion observed in endothelial dysfunction of BD.
in mind that under stress we experience vasoconstriction, a redirection of blood flow away from the extremities and into the major muscle groups and internal organs, it has long been understood fine motor coordination will go down the toilet, but physical strength will increase to levels we just can't duplicate in training.
The pulmonary vasoconstriction and the polycythemia impose greater work on the right ventricle.
Conclusions: This study provides evidence that (I) the myogenic response from isolated resistance arterioles from the soleus and superficial portion of the gastrocnemius muscle were impaired in senescent Fischer 344 rats, (II) endurance exercise training induced development of a stronger and more robust vasoconstriction of skeletal muscle resistance arterioles as intraluminal pressure increased, and (III) the myogenic constriction was diminished in arterioles in which the endothelium had been removed.
In heart muscle, the auto-regulation responses of vasoconstriction and vasodilation modify coronary blood flow, responding to demand by altering arterial vascular tone.
and binge drinking is associated with increased risk for cerebral vasoconstriction and ischemia.
Cold water causes vasoconstriction (small blood vessels contract) and causes the heat to be retained in the body core.
Scalp cryotherapy (ice or cold caps) dates back to the 1970s and theoretically works by reducing chemotherapy to the hair follicles through vasoconstriction and by reducing the biochemical activity of the follicle itself (Trueb, 2009).
The authors observed mild pulmonary pathology after 16 weeks of exposure to ozone, DEP, and ozone + DEP; markers of oxidative stress, thrombosis, vasoconstriction, and proteolysis were increased by DEP and/or ozone in the aorta but not in the heart.
Together with a tachycardia the signs of peripheral vasoconstriction - cold, mottled extremities and delayed capillary refill time - assume greater importance than in adults.
They cover basics and new findings of ion channels and transient receptor potential channels in the pulmonary vasculature, the pathogenic role of ion channels in pulmonary vascular disease, receptors and signaling cascades in pulmonary arterial hypertension, the role of receptors and transporters in cell function and hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction, and targeting ion channels and membrane receptors in developing novel therapeutic approaches for pulmonary vascular disease.
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