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constituting a tube

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Cephalic setae 70-126 [micro]m long, first abdominal setae 83 [micro]m long; eighth abdominal setae cephalolaterad of vasiform orifice 21-35 [micro]m long, and caudal setae positioned near caudal pore, 13-18 [micro]m long.
It may be noted that Asialeyrodes species have caudal furrow connected with posterior ends of the vasiform orifice.
Tuberaleyrodes and Acanthaleyrodes share some common characteristics such as dorsally elevated tuberculate setae but the latter differs by the presence of posteriorly an elevated vasiform orifice.
4) puparium, dorsal and ventral views; (5) margin; and (6) vasiform orifice and caudal furrow.
Thorax: Pronotum: Medially testaceous in a vasiform shape, expanding caudally; collar and disc with sublateral pair of red stripes; lateral aspect testaceous-brown.
In later stages, one can clearly see a complex, vasiform pattern of growth.