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constituting a tube

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4) puparium, dorsal and ventral views; (5) margin; and (6) vasiform orifice and caudal furrow.
7) puparium; (8) anterior setae and cephalic setae; (9) median tubercles on abdominal segments; and (10) vasiform orifice and caudal furrow.
However, puparia of Icfrealeyrodes species have the submarginal furrow converging inwards and intersecting the area posterior to vasiform orifice, and caudal furrow absent.
Submargin separated from dorsal disc by a submarginal furrow, converging posteriorly and intersecting area posterior to vasiform orifice.
Subcordate, as long as wide or slightly longer than wide, 53-67 [micro]m long, 52-67 wide; posterior edge elevated; operculum subcordate, almost covering the orifice, 30-37 [micro]m long, 36-37 [micro]m wide; lingula tip exposed, simple lobe, not extending beyond the posterior margin of the vasiform orifice.
Tuberaleyrodes and Acanthaleyrodes share some common characteristics such as dorsally elevated tuberculate setae but the latter differs by the presence of posteriorly an elevated vasiform orifice.