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surgical procedure that removes all or part of the vas deferens (usually as a means of sterilization)

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The Commission on Population (Popcom) has cited the story of Raymart, a 39-year-old government employee who opted to undergo vasectomy.
Nhs herts valleys clinical commissioning group (hvccg) is seeking suitable providers to deliver a non scalpel vasectomy service for their population in hertfordshire.
A Vasectomy is performed one of two ways, both with local anesthesia.
Information regarding pain during injection by needle or jet injector and subsequent pain of vasectomy were documented on two visual analogue scales separately.
I enthusiastically agree with her that the best permanent contraceptive for a stable couple is vasectomy.
However, the role of the anaesthetist in minimally invasive surgery is still challenging because apparently "minor" procedures like vasectomy under general anaesthesia may pose a high risk, to the extent that patients who have been scheduled by the urologist for general anaesthesia (1-3) especially because of a particular anatomy (high or difficult to manipulate testes), may also have physical characteristics that make airway management difficult.
She went to collect the next vasectomy patient after a lunch break, but was confronted by a number of people who "aggressively complained" about waiting times.
Hugh Barton, for the GMC, told the Manchester hearing a number vasectomy operations were booked in at the clinic that day.
But they face numerous barriers ranging from lack of information to myths and misconceptions surrounding vasectomy, religious beliefs and-believe it or not-opposition from their wives and partners.
After medical examination, the 14 men underwent vasectomy.
These were just among the "wrong notions and myths" that health officials have cited as the main reasons why men have refused to undergo vasectomy as an effective means of family planning.
Of the married men, only one man had undergone vasectomy although 82% had heard about vasectomy; 17% men were willing to accept vasectomy as a choice of contraception after repeated counseling sessions.
Abstract: To evaluate whether single-entry endoscopic vasectomy of male feral pigeons (Columba livia) significantly reduced fertility and would potentially be valuable for control of feral pigeon populations, 252 male feral pigeons were caught in the city of Berne and endoscopically vasectomized.
A recent report of a 19% increased risk of death from prostate cancer (CaP) in men who have had a vasectomy (1) corroborates earlier reports suggesting an association (2, 3).