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shaped in the form of a vase

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is characterized by its unique vase-shaped copulatory complex and vaginal armature with blade like accessory structure.
Red ceramic vase-shaped base with matching shade, pounds 55, John Rocha for Debenhams.
This guy would have many a lesser woman pointing the finger of suspicion and few other, vase-shaped objects at him by now.
With persistence, you can develop a three-stemmed, vase-shaped fig bush.
Their vase-shaped design - inspired by the still life paintings of Vincent Van Gogh - will replace the redundant radar tower which stands between Antony Gormley's Another Place sculpture and Seaforth Docks.
Employ the gently sloping, vase-shaped weizen glass of tradition, however, and it becomes elementary to pour an elegant, and culturally correct, two fingers of snow-white head.
The haul included 20 stone mushrooms, eight stone troughs, two large vase-shaped urns, two gothic-style decorative stone containers - possibly from a church - a stone and wood wheelbarrow, a sundial with lizard decoration, three stone bird baths and a highly decorative cast iron bench.
Since the species can be cross-bred easily, The American Chestnut Foundation (TACF) set a goal of breeding a tree that retained the strong, vase-shaped beauty of the American chestnut but included the Chinese tree's blight-resistance.
Designed by Bertil Vallien, they form a vase-shaped tower "from an urban environment.
An ornate Bacchanalian vase, a pair of lion's mask candelabra and two vase-shaped candlesticks went back on public display at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery yesterday.
Such is the fate of work by Rossana Buremi, creator of a headless statue made out of chopped meat wrapped in sheets of cellophane, and Alessandra Bonomini, who has exhibited vase-shaped sculptures made of butter.
They existed in two different types: one has a flat spade-shaped body, with notches or slits on its sides, the other is round and vase-shaped.
The appearance of hybrids is not the same as the tall, graceful, vase-shaped purebred American elm.
It was a simple chair, deriving its name from a series of banisters, generally vase-shaped, set between the upper and lower rails of the back.
95), an exploration of the culture of the Minianka tribe of Mali, West Africa, which believes in the healing powers of the vase-shaped hand drum known as the djembe, and uses music as a remedy for both physical and psychological ailments, by Yaya Diallo and Mitchell Hall.