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shaped in the form of a vase

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With persistence, you can develop a three-stemmed, vase-shaped fig bush.
Their vase-shaped design - inspired by the still life paintings of Vincent Van Gogh - will replace the redundant radar tower which stands between Antony Gormley's Another Place sculpture and Seaforth Docks.
Employ the gently sloping, vase-shaped weizen glass of tradition, however, and it becomes elementary to pour an elegant, and culturally correct, two fingers of snow-white head.
The haul included 20 stone mushrooms, eight stone troughs, two large vase-shaped urns, two gothic-style decorative stone containers - possibly from a church - a stone and wood wheelbarrow, a sundial with lizard decoration, three stone bird baths and a highly decorative cast iron bench.
Since the species can be cross-bred easily, The American Chestnut Foundation (TACF) set a goal of breeding a tree that retained the strong, vase-shaped beauty of the American chestnut but included the Chinese tree's blight-resistance.
Designed by Bertil Vallien, they form a vase-shaped tower "from an urban environment.
An ornate Bacchanalian vase, a pair of lion's mask candelabra and two vase-shaped candlesticks went back on public display at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery yesterday.
Such is the fate of work by Rossana Buremi, creator of a headless statue made out of chopped meat wrapped in sheets of cellophane, and Alessandra Bonomini, who has exhibited vase-shaped sculptures made of butter.
They existed in two different types: one has a flat spade-shaped body, with notches or slits on its sides, the other is round and vase-shaped.
Do take special notice of "Arnold Promise," a vase-shaped, vigorous, yellow-flowered witchhazel introduced by the Arnold Arboretum in Boston.
Pallida' as a stand-alone, with its vase-shaped habit and golden autumn leaves, while H.
When given sufficient space to grow, the pecan can soar to 100 to 120 feet, a large deciduous tree with an upright, vase-shaped crown.
The vase-shaped ashtrays can stand upright in the sand and can be corked and returned to the hotels.
There are three new collections: Bloomers, ceramic vase-shaped frames that can hold flowers in a vial on the back; Toleware, which is reminiscent of the painted tinware in 18th century England; and Mandarin, with gold finishes.