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a unit strand of the vascular system in stems and leaves of higher plants consisting essentially of xylem and phloem

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The main vascular strands strengthened by laminar collenchyma are concave but with a few small accessory strands in the concavity.
fauriei) and conspicuously overlapping with the associated leaf gap though distinctly separated from it by a slender vascular strand (Figs.
Xylem tissue of each vascular strand is ribbon-like and tracheidal, 1-5 cells thick in P.
vulgare (Srivastava and Khare, 2005) the dorsal median vascular strand is distinct and slightly thicker than other vascular strands of the rhizome in all the four species studied here.
Stelar organization was studied from three-dimensional reconstructions based on camera lucida tracings of the outline of the vascular strands in serial sections.
Root traces are restricted to the ventral half of the vascular cylinder and originate as superficial, solitary vascular strands from the outer surface of the stelar cylinder.
Each leaf trace is often composed of 4-8 slender vascular strands in the species of Polypodium studied.
Each branch trace is a simple structure, often composed of 2-4 slender, cylindrical vascular strands which do not form a reticulate vascular cylinder (Figs.
Each leaf trace in the Polypodium species is highly dissected and usually composed of 4-5 slender vascular strands while in P.