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Altogether 96 vascular plant species and 27 bryophyte species were found in the three plantation types, which is considerably more than the respective figures of 75 and 12 recorded at a young age.
I first observed it growing epiphytically and endophytically on the leaves of two different flowering vascular plants, Magnolia and Vibernum, along the I-10 corridor in Hancock County, Mississippi.
Team Report summary Amphibians & Reptiles 20 species Bees 37 species (20 new county records) Beetles 73 species, 19 families Birds 122 species Butterflies 48 species Dragonflies & 21 dragonfly species Damselflies (7 county records) 9 damselfly species (6 county records) Fish and Freshwater 39 fish species, Mussels 4 freshwater mussels Fungi 4 species (+ 1 species water mold) Macroinvertebrates & 16 families of Plankton macroinvertebrates 18 genera of plankton Mammals 27 species Moths 74 species (+ 6 unidentified) (3 state and 59 new county records) Non-vascular plants 0 species Snail-killing flies 4 species Vascular Plants 379 species (123 potential new county records)
We suggest that defined vascular plant assemblages (communities) (Faber-Langendoen, 2001) are a strong candidate for an insect-inclusive surrogate.
It can be noted that the total dose rate value of vascular plants compared with that of other reference organisms is the largest and reaches 4.
A total of 59 vascular plant species representing 25 families and 49 genera were documented on the prairies, including 11 monocot species representing 3 families and 48 dicot species representing 22 families (Appendix 1).
Vascular plants brought in from all over the world have doubled the species richness of the plant life on most Pacific islands.
In June 2007 the composition and coverage of vascular plant species of the field layer and bryophyte species of the surface layer were recorded in 23 releves 1 m x 1 m in size along three transects (Fig.
Identify the differences between a non-seed bearing vascular plant and seed bearing vascular plant
The Kupe-Bakossi area, which covers 2,390 square kilometres, boasts 82 vascular plant species that are strictly endemic, while 232 are Red Data taxa, meaning that they are threatened with extinction according to IUCN 2001 criteria.
The study - The Vascular Plant Red Data List for Great Britain - was based on a comparison of two previous reports.
The study, The Vascular Plant Red Data List for Great Britain, was based on a comparison with two previous reports.
In addition, any correlation of the occurrence of rare vascular plant species with other natural features, such as landforms (e.
WWF said in a statement that the 1,800 square kilometer Tesso Nilo forest, located in Sumatra's Riau province, was found by WWF scientists to contain 218 vascular plant species in just one single 200 square meter plot.