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a tube in which a body fluid circulates

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Es diagnosticada como vasa previa tipo II y se recomendo control prenatal por alto riesgo obstetrico y seguimiento ecografico, los controles prenatales se consideraron normales, pero no se realizaron mas controles ecograficos hasta el ingreso por urgencias al HMUA con 36 semanas de gestacion, sangrado vaginal severo, indoloro, sin aumento en el tono uterino y con disminucion de los movimientos fetales.
A partir de las preguntas sobre la patogenesis de la vasa previa, la exactitud de la ecografia doppler utilizada para el diagnostico y el pronostico perinatal de los fetos afectados con vasa previa se hizo una busqueda en la base de datos Medline via PubMed con los terminos: "vasa previa", "ultrasonography" y "prognosis" para articulos con estudios publicados entre 1993 y 2013 en ingles y espanol, se incluyeron articulos de revision de tema, revisiones sistematicas y reporte de casos.
With the support of Molex, Vasa expects to considerably boost its technology reach in new regions and markets, leveraging the investor's engineering and worldwide sales capabilities, Vasa co-founder and CEO Jacob Polger said.
How do you think you might have handled the Vasa situation if you were alive then?
In 1961, marine historians recovered the Vasa and it sits in a museum in Sweden.
1 -- color) Swedes and Americans join together and dance around the maypole in Vasa Park as part of the June 25 Midsummer festival.
Elsevier is to publish Cor et Vasa in two versions: an English version which is accessible online through SciVerse ScienceDirect, as well as a print version based on translations of the English articles to Czech.
This is a beautiful program,'' said Peg Carlson, secretary of the Vasa Scandinavian Group in Thousand Oaks.
Margaret Leung, the daughter of Vasa member Cathy Carlson, will portray St.
NEL's success with Databahn in its VASA chips is another demonstration of the flexibility and performance capabilities of our Databahn cores," said Kevin Silver, vice president of marketing at Denali.
To mitigate this risk, decisions must be based not on gut instinct, but on more precise information," said Sima Vasa, president of NPDTechworld.
NYSE:CGE), a provider of domestic and international insurance and reinsurance products and services, today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Indianapolis-based VASA North America Inc.