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Synonyms for vary





Synonyms for vary

to make or become different

to change or fluctuate within limits

to be unlike or dissimilar

to be of different opinion

Synonyms for vary

become different in some particular way, without permanently losing one's or its former characteristics or essence

be at variance with

be subject to change in accordance with a variable

Related Words

make something more diverse and varied

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And since moral codes are not universal but rather differentially constructed in different cultures that are varyingly modern, what is moral about mothering in one society may not be the case in another (Liamputtong 2006; Rachels 1986) and may be highly contested (Brock 2003).
Which of these wagers, both justified, proved the more accurate might be varyingly gauged from the tragic outcome of September 2007 itself.
Even more, several essays varyingly redirect the violence of Alice's rape completely onto Dana.
The names of the four sons of Ain are varyingly spelled: Wambilipi, Langgara, Lunggunu, and Pauwaiya (Meggitt 1974a); Wambilipa, Langate, Lunguni, and Powai (Jacka 2002); Wambili, Langane, and Lunguna (Gibbs 1977:12); Wambilip, Lunguni, Langate, and Pauwaiya (Biersack 1998a, 2005); and Wambilipa (Wiessner and Tumu 2001).
Yet we want to briefly discuss how far these already different and varyingly complex ways of investigating moral cognition and behaviour reflect actual moral situations in real life, such as when a couple is pondering to abort the life of an unwanted or unhealthy foetus, or a political committee has to decide to spend limited resources on the protection of people in one place at the expense of the safety of others (Turiel 2010).
In this same big room are photo works with varyingly convincing claims to be sculpture.
Later, he actually hallucinates "books, or parchments, or papers containing printed matter," the writing on which appears varyingly in "manuscript type" and "printed type," and afterwards, "instead of being erect, they were all inverted or appeared upside down.
104) Similarly, Meloy argues that there is not yet treatment shown with controlled empirical research to be effective for ASPD, and he further notes that research studies on the efficacy of treatment for ASPD have varyingly found treatment to be either beneficial or to have a negative treatment effect, such as increasing violent behavior.
There are, of course, often multiple varyingly likely
The Directorate General of Meteorology and Air Navigation (DGMAN) affirmed that the latest satellite images and numerical prediction charts indicate that bands of different types of clouds predicted to be advected from the Arabian Sea towards the Governorate of Dhofar, Regions of Al Wusta and Al Sharqiyah, which may appear varyingly till Friday July 9th 2010.
Different explanations in the literature concentrate varyingly on the difference between academic and K-12 cultures, the difference between a marginalized (and buffered) program and institutional change, the question of institutionalization and long-term commitments, parallels to changing standards of care and practice in other fields, and the proper leverage points for researchers to guide change in states and districts.
With their varyingly excessive tableaux of kitschy fashion, untamed hair, acrobatic dance moves, and a pastiche of stolen Western songs over tiny synthesized bips, bongs, and laser zaps, these films found their own generic communities, if not immediately, then over the coming decades at home and abroad.
Abstract #15, 2009, for example, rings blue plastic and metal os into a large-scale wreath, the better to compare the units' varyingly patinated and unscathed surfaces.
There seems to be a lot of this going round - new varieties of the winter chills that are varyingly elusive.
These included varyingly expressed dysplasia of the auditory apparatus (e.