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Synonyms for varying

Synonyms for varying

marked by diversity or difference


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Its location and height mark it out from the everyday buildings around, while the rotation in plan is intended to signify the break between secular and sacred, and to create a void between building types which can be used for communal gatherings of varying size, or for private meditation.
However, the key to vein reduction compound use is to be careful when adding the compounds into core sand mixtures, as they can result in varying degrees of reduction in mold tensile properties.
When the forces vary, the amount of stretch varies, resulting in the roll gap varying, and this causes the gum wall gauge to vary.
To measure the sensory impact of indoor secondhand smoke, investigators exposed 24 healthy female nonsmokers aged 18-35 to varying concentrations of sETS.
In place of the AGCT combinations that punctuate the nucleic acid chain, numbers from one to ninety-nine flashed at varying rhythms and apparently independently, each LED module counting at its own rate.
Lasers have been used in cosmetic procedures for several years, with applications from dermatological resurfacing to hair removal procedures, with varying degrees of patient comfort.
When a partner's interests in partnership profits and losses change, allocation of tax items must take into account the partner's varying interests during the year.
The tip can be close to the net at about a 20-degree angle (1), but with varying distances of about 6, 10, and 15 feet.
Varying tastes also account for some of the differing taster comments.
Cuellar and Arnold (1988) described models that used translators and interpreters including lay interpreters coupled with varying degrees of cultural sensitivity training and awareness.
A number of views emerged on the central issue of harmonization, reflecting varying traditions and realities among countries and regions.
In each instance, the total variation of the dependent variable (household consumption, residential construction, the corporate bond rate, and a multilateral exchange rate) is attributed either to the fixed portion or to the continuously varying portion of the model structure.
This book explains the latest theoretical advances and practical methods to give an understanding of rapidly time varying channels, together with performance trade-offs and potential performance gains, providing the expertise to develop future wireless systems technology.
22) suggests that samples be plied to increase their effective thickness; this was done to determine the effect of varying sample thickness.
Further liveliness was achieved in all the blocks by special treatment to the ends, and by varying the cladding between timber boarding and painted render in strong colours.