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Synonyms for vary





Synonyms for vary

to make or become different

to change or fluctuate within limits

to be unlike or dissimilar

to be of different opinion

Synonyms for vary

become different in some particular way, without permanently losing one's or its former characteristics or essence

be at variance with

be subject to change in accordance with a variable

Related Words

make something more diverse and varied

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In trying to define a test procedure for predicting performance in an application, it is important to know and understand when a measured response is a material response, or when it may be affected by the configuration, and when the specific configuration effects can vary with different materials.
Despite these repeated losses, the IRS continues to mandate that the telecommunications carriers collect the Communications Excise Tax from taxpayers with respect to services the per-call charges for which do not vary based on distance (the telecommunications carriers are collection agents for the IRS with respect to the tax).
This rule of thumb will vary depending on the population you serve, your program design, and your labor and other costs).
An alternative method of analyzing structural change, outlined in this appendix, permits model coefficients to vary continuously over time.
which implements certain provisions of the Act of Social Services, as amended) and ensuring its availability selected target group - people with disabilities, particularly mental disabilities and persons with mental illness in the Karlovy Vary region and in the districts of Cheb, Sokolov and Karlovy Vary.
Variations in these forces will therefore vary the amount of frame stretch and thus vary roll position and calendered gauge.
Course work requirements vary in content and quantity.
The addition of magnesium desulfurizes the iron and causes the graphite to grow as nodules rather than flakes, however, the nodule size and nodularity can vary depending upon composition and cooling rate.
Actual prices are determined by individual dealers and may vary.
The varied SAU incorporates the changes requested by the ACCC in its notice to vary.
The diameters of the ball indentor and foot vary between methods.
Although statistics vary on how much alcohol it takes to harm a fetus, Roberts points out that FAS ``is 100 percent preventable.
State due dates vary between six and 18 months after the date of death.
At least 10 different published (but nonauthoritative) quantitative materiality guidelines are found in corporate professional literature, providing materiality amounts that vary widely for the same type of audit.
Compaction-In a production mold, compaction forces vary vertically and horizontally across the mold due to several influencing factors, i.