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Synonyms for varnished

having a coating of stain or varnish


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A project had but to be new, and it came home to her mind, brightly varnished and gilded as a glittering toy.
Stepan Arkadyevitch, going down, carefully took the canvas cover off his varnished gun case with his own hands, and opening it, began to get ready his expensive new-fashioned gun.
He literally looks as if he had been varnished all over.
Nevertheless, the b* value decreases significantly in both wood species subjected to application of PU and ST varnishes, and the total color change ([DELTA]E*) of varnished specimens is generally higher for samples heat-treated at 200 [degrees]C.
Years ago, my daughter wrote in marker pen on her varnished pine wardrobe.
Lufthansa Technik has successfully introduced its "Environmentally friendly varnished veneer surfaces" (ULF) research and development project into the VIP completion market.
I use KIT car wax on a varnished wood board (Min-wax spar varnish).
Many of Van Gogh's French period paintings have been inappropriately varnished in the past and removal of these non-original varnish layers is one of the challenges facing conservators on a world-wide basis today.