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Synonyms for varnish

Synonyms for varnish

to give a deceptively attractive appearance to

Synonyms for varnish

a coating that provides a hard, lustrous, transparent finish to a surface

cover with varnish


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It was found that, on both species, polyurethane and synthetic varnish exhibited first and second degree hardness, respectively.
In fact, plasma fluoride levels were far below toxic levels, which probably resulted from the varnish's fast-setting, slow fluoride release, and the small amount of fluoride varnish applied to the dentition (0.
And, while happy with the result, Varnish knows there is still plenty of work needed if she wants to close the gap on Meares and eventual champion Stephanie Morton.
Unlike Pendleton, Varnish had no chance of redemption in other events.
Varnish and Pendleton combined to win team sprint gold at the UCI World Cup, beating arch-rival Australia and smashing the world record in the process.
While the Wimbledon pack features a set of 'mixed doubles' with purple varnish, silver glitter, silver lacquer and a silver glitter top coat, the pack representing US Open has red varnish and gold glitter.
This new patented varnish means that printers can achieve savings of up to 20 percent in comparison to cationic technology," says Sales and Marketing Manager Claire Seward.
Pendleton (pictured left) and Varnish will ride in the two-woman, two-lap discipline in tomorrow's second day of the Track Cycling World Championships in Apeldoorn, Holland.
Untreated wood should be sanded evenly with 120-grit sandpaper to provide a 'key', which helps the varnish to adhere better and be adsorbed more evenly.
The main reason people varnish watercolours is to make them look like more valuable oil paintings.
05) of 25% was found between the varnish with the lowest cariostatic effect and the varnish with the highest effectiveness in reducing carious lesions.
medallists in Rio last year - it was revealed Varnish is suing British Cycling and UK Sport for sex discrimination and unfair dismissal.
The video uploaded by art dealer and host of documentary show 'Fake or Fortune' showed an art restoration expert at work in cleaning off old paint varnish.
Color values of heat treated samples change significantly after varnish is applied; L* values of all samples are reduced compared to unvarnished samples and samples are seen to darken.
SHANE Sutton's wife suggested Jess Varnish was a liar after her complaint of "inappropriate and discriminatory language" against the former British Cycling technical director was upheld on Friday.