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And what more need be adduced to explain nutrition, and the production of the different humors of the body, beyond saying, that the force with which the blood, in being rarefied, passes from the heart towards the extremities of the arteries, causes certain of its parts to remain in the members at which they arrive, and there occupy the place of some others expelled by them; and that according to the situation, shape, or smallness of the pores with which they meet, some rather than others flow into certain parts, in the same way that some sieves are observed to act, which, by being variously perforated, serve to separate different species of grain?
The cause of this quarrel was likewise variously reported; for as some people said that Mrs Partridge had caught her husband in bed with his maid, so many other reasons, of a very different kind, went abroad.
The bustle and joy of such an arrival, the many to be talked to, welcomed, encouraged, and variously dispersed and disposed of, produced a noise and confusion which his nerves could not have borne under any other cause, nor have endured much longer even for this; but the ways of Hartfield and the feelings of her father were so respected by Mrs.
The ten liveried archers were variously disposed about the church to keep him company; two of them being locked in a tiny crypt, three in the belfry, "to ring us a wedding peal," as Robin said; and the others under quire seats or in the vestry.
Meantime, the purpose of the Governor, in disturbing the peace of the town at a period when the slightest commotion might throw the country into a ferment, was almost the universal subject of inquiry, and variously explained.
A LADY In New Zealand has sent me seed of Vigna caracalla, which is variously known as Phaseolus caracalla, snail flower, snail bean, corkscrew flower or the snail vine (caracol is Portugese for snail).
The hearing will look into allegations that between January and October 2006, Dr Kaushal's behaviour towards 13 patients was variously inappropriate, inadequate, irresponsible and not in the best interests of the patients," said the spokesman.
The hearing will look into allegations that, between January and October 2006, Dr Kaushal's behaviour towards 13 patients was variously inappropriate, inadequate, irresponsible and not in the best interests of patients," the spokesman said.
From 1996 to 2001 a shadowy group of eco-terrorists variously calling itself the Earth Liberation Front or the Animal Liberation Front attacked targets in the western United States, destroying properties that the group claimed threatened the environment.
Prior to Brook Mays's stewardship, the Rogers brand was variously the property of a number of companies in recent years, including CBS Musical Instruments (as part of the Fender/Rogers/Rhodes group), Island Musical Supply, and Grossman Music Corp.
It is, variously, a boy's yarn, a costume drama, a comedy of manners, a romantic melodrama, a black comedy and even a disaster flick.
As she records in her diary the competing personal dynamics of the variously dysfunctional Cosway family members, she establishes to her horror and the readers' that nothing is what it seems and that multiple tragedies are unavoidable.
The event marked a dramatic shift in risk perception, which can be attributed to one thing only: fear of what the Bush Administration has variously called "The Long War" or the War on Terror.
Tests with variously colored paper wings yielded the same preferences.
In his recent exhibition, Chicago-based artist Ken Fandell set seven short, silent, single-shot videos to this modernist orchestral gem, variously adjusting and editing each one into evocative intersection with its seven sections.