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an edition containing various versions of a text or notes by various scholars or editors


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All of these are now collected in texts as good as possible at present--perhaps as good as possible simpliciter--short of a variorum edition.
A New Variorum Edition of Shakespeare: As You Like It (1890; repr.
Today, for a variety of reasons, Emerson's poetry has still not come into its own, but the new Volume IX, which is A Variorum Edition of Emerson's poetry that Robert Hudspeth refers to as "the jewel of the Collected Works" (58, below), brings us a step closer to a fuller realization of the importance of Emerson's poetry.
A New Variorum Edition of Shakespeare: Henry the Fourth Part I (Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1936), 452.
The great virtue of a Variorum edition (especially one this good) is that every idea, no matter who conceived it or where it was first printed, gets its day in court, and often the least famous witnesses are the most impressive.
We now know that the Variorum edition of Diarmuid and Grania (1966), based on the first publication in the Dublin Magazine in 1951, however faulty, was in fact one of the latest versions of the play, the Moore-Cunard text now in the Harry Ransom Collection in the University of Texas at Austin.
33) As opposed to individual editing the variorum edition testifies to the belief that the editors' contribution to universal neoclassical knowledge is partial.
7) The Complete Poems of Christina Rossetti: A Variorum Edition, 3 vols.
For an excellent detailed survey of views on this passage, see Chaucer, A Variorum Edition of the Works, II: The Canterbury Tales, part IX, ed.
Stringer, editor The Variorum Edition of the Poetry of John Donne, Volume 2: The Elegies.
However, in 1998 the errors in Johnson's variorum were corrected in Franklin's The Poems of Emily Dickinson: Variorum Edition, now the definitive print tool.
He concludes his article, paradoxically granted the acclaim that his own variorum edition has received, by implying that a charge once made against the second volume of Furness's variorum Hamlet may one day be made against Shakespeare hypertexts: 'There is much no doubt that is exceedingly clever, but, taken as a whole, [the work amounts to] an almost impenetrable mass of conflicting opinions, wild conjectures and leaden contemplations, a huge collection of antagonistic materials which, if not repulsive, is certainly appalling' (p.
Flannery O'Connor: The Growing Craft is Karl-Heinz Westarp's synoptic variorum edition of four versions of a story O'Connor treated as a work-in-progress throughout her career, stretching from "The Geranium" (1946, her first published story), through "An Exile in the East" (1954, published in 1978), and "Getting Home" (1964, heretofore unpublished), to "Judgement Day" (1964, revised almost up to her death).
The text of Spenser used is that of A Variorum Edition of the Works of Edmund Spenser, ed.
Ralph Waldo Emerson, Poems: A Variorum Edition, ed.