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an edition containing various versions of a text or notes by various scholars or editors

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This variorum edition of Richard Cantillon's Essay on the Nature of Trade in General is an exciting addition to the study of eighteenth century history of economic thought, in that it raises the real possibility that Richard Cantillon wrote an English draft of his famous Essai sur la nature du commerce en general, parts of which are to be found in other eighteenth century works.
Harvard has let stand in it a host of errors, two of which--first, the founder of the New Variorum Edition of Shakespeare, Horace Howard Furness, has become "Henry" (5) and, second, in discussion of 2.
These comments suggest an undercurrent of hostility toward any sort of variorum project, even a deliberately limited one such as his own, which cannot help but seem an additional heaping up of material rather than an excavation of an original meaning below layers of sediment using the precision tools of close reading.
Today, for a variety of reasons, Emerson's poetry has still not come into its own, but the new Volume IX, which is A Variorum Edition of Emerson's poetry that Robert Hudspeth refers to as "the jewel of the Collected Works" (58, below), brings us a step closer to a fuller realization of the importance of Emerson's poetry.
Dickson lists the Donne Variorum, Digital Donne, a number of bibliographies and concordances, the electronic archive of the sermons based on Potter and Simpson, and some (other) handbooks.
Almost all of Tagore's works have found place in the variorum.
1-12, effectively displays the standard variorum strategy of showing how the same word or passage may have been understood in different historical periods.
Admittedly, one objective of the Variorum series is to make out-of-the-way articles more readily available, but the few scholars interested in this level of detail will surely know how to find the essay in its original published location.
As with other volumes in the Variorum series, this collection offers a series of papers, articles and essays that span the professional life of the scholar concerned.
The Perseus Garner comprises the works of Christopher Marlowe, the Globe Shakespeare and volumes from the New Variorum Shakespeare Series, Holinshed's Chronicles, Hakluyt's Voyages, the rhetorical works of Peachum and Wilson, and other primary sources, as well as several important reference works, including the glossaries of Dyce and Onions and Schmidt's Lexicon.
Thoroughly familiar with the extensive critical scholarship that has emerged from the Donne Variorum project over the past two decades, Targoff is steeped in Donne's theology, and she takes him at this word, thus correcting an earlier generation of critics who dismiss Donne's metaphysics as irrelevant, incoherent, or a smokescreen for ambition and apostasy.
Ten articles collected in this book under three headings are, like many other volumes in Ashgate's Variorum Collected Studies Series, a collection of earlier papers published in professional journals.
Byzance et les musulmans du Proche Orient, Variorum Reprints, London, 1973.
Franklin's book shortens in a single volume his own comprehensive The Poems of Emily Dickinson: Variorum Edition (1998).
The first variorum edition (as Johnson's Shakespeare edition of 1765 is often called) generated a number of variorum editions combining the contribution of previous editors and commentators.