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a measuring instrument for measuring variations in a magnetic field

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The term variometer is generally applied to any instrument that registers magnetic variations, whether it be changes in magnetic declination or any other component of the field, horizontal or vertical.
For correction of measurement results and for records of temporal variations of the geomagnetic field is necessary to install variometer station on territory of Latvia, because some repeat stations are located further than 500 km from Toravere (Estonia) Observatory variometer station.
Paul MacCready (then a student at Cal Tech) developed the idea of a rotating velocity bezel (or "speed ring") for the variometer of a glider which tells the pilot at just what speeds to fly for optimizing the glide ratio through rising or sinking air.
If you don't have a variometer you can be rising and think that you are flying straight.
The S6RT we flew was equipped with a Dvnon 10A EFIS and an LXnav LX8000 color navigation and variometer system (sailplanes use a more sensitive vertical speed indicator, called a variometer or "vario").
For those who wish to build their own magnetic storm detector, there are two popular designs--the variometer and the fluxgate --which are sensitive enough to detect storm-induced changes in the Earth's magnetic field, and technologically within reach of the amateur observer.
The variometer is the oldest and simplest instrument for monitoring the Earth's magnetic field.
They also have a variometer -- to detect rates of ascent or descent -- on board, the source added.
But there is one instrument you'll find in the sailplane's panel that won't be in the typical Skyhawk: a variometer.
Speed-to-fly information is presented to the pilot by placing a speed-to-fly ring (Mac-Cready ring) around the variometer dial, referring to a table or chart or using an electronic flight computer displaying the data.
The version we flew in Florida in April didn't even have a radio, but basic instrumentation including a digital variometer, an airspeed indicator and an altimeter, plus the engine gauges.
Work includes replacement of helix coils which make up part of the antenna matching network, replacing of the pure water cooling loop systems and two grid variometers which are part of the transmitter, and even power supply replacement.
The new sensor's altitude resolution of up to 20 cm makes it ideal for use in altimeters and variometers.