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a highly contagious viral disease characterized by fever and weakness and skin eruption with pustules that form scabs that slough off leaving scars

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CMLV, camelpox virus; CPXV, cowpox virus; ECTV, ectromelia virus; MPXV, monkeypox virus; OPV, orthopoxvirus; TATV, taterapox virus; VACV, vaccinia virus; VARV, variola virus.
But by comparing the 17th century strain with modern variola samples, they found the strains shared a common ancestor that emerged between 1530 and 1654.
El virus Variola se transmite por las secreciones orales, nasales y faringeas de las personas enfermas, al ser estas inhaladas por individuos con sistemas inmunologicos aptos para el desarrollo del virus.
Produtos a base de chlorotalonil + tiophanato metilico, tebuconazole, azoxystrobina e famoxadone + mancozeb demonstraram boa eficiencia no controle da variola (CELOTO et al.
Although naturally occurring variola virus has been eradicated, stored samples are known to exist in the United States and Russia, and undeclared samples may exist elsewhere.
As primeiras intervencoes estatais no campo da prevencao e controle de doencas, desenvolvidas sob bases cientificas sao do inicio do seculo XX, e consistiram na organizacao de grandes campanhas sanitarias com vistas ao controle de epidemias que comprometiam a atividade economica, como a febre amarela, peste e variola (25).
Smallpox vaccine consists of a virus called vaccinia, which is closely related smallpox causing virus called variola.
His mother, Eleanor McMillan, was a graduate of Chatham Hospital School of Nursing and worked on the smallpox wards at Henry Ford Hospital during North America's last outbreak of variola major in Detroit and Windsor in 1924; his uncle, William McMillan, a physician, would become the ranking Liberal Member of Parliament in the 1960s.
Mishra, Director, NIV, Pune, participated in the XI Meeting of the WHO Advisory Committee on Variola Virus Research at Geneva (November 4-5, 2009).
Upham Steadman in 'Smallpox and Climate in the American Southwest' discusses research conducted to 'determine the optimal climatic conditions that favour the persistence of Variola virus outside of a host'.
Two known stocks of variola virus exist: one at the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia, and the other in the former USSR.
Monkey Pox is caused by an orthopox virus and is closely related to the human smallpox virus, variola.
Detection of orthopoxvirus DNA by real-time PCR and identification of variola virus DNA by melting analysis.
Parker was diagnosed as having contracted variola major, the most lethal type of the disease.