varietal wine

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a wine made principally from one grape and carrying the name of that grape


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These varietal wines are made from the same grape variety but identified by the French name Gris and the Italian name Grigio, according to the style of winemaking and the perceived market preference.
Is the next hot winegrape variety waiting to be discovered in a remote vineyard in Greece, or could the future lie in moving away from varietal wines all together?
SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- By now, most industry members are aware of the burgeoning trend in sales of $2 varietal wines that has apparently exploded on the West Coast, a result of the surplus of California bulk wine.
The appointment is recognition for McCabe's leadership in expanding the overall awareness of the Rhone Ranger organization, expanding their events to other cities and increasing membership in the organization by wineries who produce Rhone varietal wines.
Varietal wine in 750m1 bottles accounted for $245 million of the domestic category's total $371 million sales over four weeks.
Varietal wines became the identity of New World wines.
Among varietal wine sales in supermarkets, chardonnay led with an 18% market share by volume, followed by white zinfandel at 15%, merlot at 9% and cabernet sauvignon at 8%.
The three grapes are adapted to eastern winegrowing regions, and "produce high quality varietal wines that are superior to those currently available to eastern growers today," according to Reisch.
In this case, that signifies popular-priced, light-bodied, fruity, chillable, slightly sweet and slightly fizzy wines that are now being packaged as fruit-flavored varietal wines.
Currently, Gallo is spending a disproportionate amount of its resources in the high growth/high margin varietal wine business.
However, when we split total table wine sales into its two components -- generic wine versus varietal wine -- the picture is very different.
It will come as no surprise to anyone that Chardonnay is the most produced varietal wine in the U.
It will come as no surprise to anyone that Chadonnay is the most produced varietal wine in the U.
Foremost among the consequences of the six strategic trends will be a sustained growth of the American varietal wine business.
Celebrated Chef Wolfgang Puck's eponymous wine label, Wolfgang Puck Wines, has added a red wine blend to its lineup of four varietal wines (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc).