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Synonyms for variegated



Synonyms for variegated

Synonyms for variegated

having a variety of colors

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From a design perspective, variegated leaves can lift an otherwise gloomy spot into a bit of welcome razzle dazzle in the winter months.
Red Chicories of Treviso (two varieties: Early and Late) samples were grown in the region including Quinto (Treviso), Zero Branco (Treviso), and Scorze (Venezia), while PGI samples of Variegated Chicory of Castelfranco come from Due Carrare (Padova), Mira (Venezia), and Monselice (Padova).
The well-known and much-planted forsythia offers several upright, mounded, cold-hardy variegated leaved plants.
1996 no mention was made of the variegated variety.
Of the variegated leafed forms, those with white or yellowcolours to the leaf, my favourites are Golden King, Golden Queen, Handsworth NewSilver, MadamBriot, Argenteomarginata, Silver Milkmaid and the golden and silver variegated versions of the hedgehog hollies - those with spines on the top surface of the leaf as well as the edges.
I bought a small plant of golden sage, which has variegated leaves.
Hairy Guy (with thought balloon) attempts to speak to this contradictory moment; a variegated patchwork of stained glass fills a windowlike thought bubble in a statement that is hopeful because beyond language's contingency.
Letts is at her best when describing the coastal scenery ("The hillsides were variegated, some fields of tall grass scattered profusely with goldenrod, others a harmonious blend of dense low-lying chaparral, bluish green to grey, like a natural patchwork") as well as in flashbacks to Clara's developing relationship with the brilliantly-drawn Gordon ("I was drowning in him, plunging somewhere deep and fast--on that same speedy trajectory that a car would take when the land beneath it disappeared, or an icy airplane that decided to drop from the sky").
The facade of the new building will be composed of cast metal panels providing a textured and variegated silver-grey surface that will resonate with the grainy concrete exterior of the Breuer-designed building.
This encyclopedic work has more than 760 sharp color photos enabling the reader to distinguish the numerous kinds of variegated trees and shrubs, many of which have gained popularity with modern gardeners.
This perennial comes in blue, green, yellow, and variegated varieties, has a range of sizes, and produces blooms in pastel colors.
This is manifest by a plurality of different volumes each assigned its own form, material and colour (including the refurbishment of two existing buildings), creating a variegated agglomeration of parts; a compact, interactive 'city of culture' set within the dense, historical grain of Haarlem's urban centre.
Then imagine variegated ivy, maidenhair fern and Hosta in the stone urn.
A recent study involving crosses between brown and variegated seeds indicated that variegated seed coat was controlled by a single recessive gene (Saeidi and Rowland, 1997).
The fine dancing of the high powered cast of ten--led by Darci Kistler and Jock Soto--was both fluent and even impassioned, but the variegated swirls of the choreography appeared oddly obvious, even allowing the perhaps cramping restrictions of the given music.