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It measures just 5ins in length and was made from varicoloured gold, diamonds, rubies and other precious metals.
Next day they put on varicoloured garments and beautified themselves hideously by daubing clay pigment on their faces and outlining their eyes with greasepaint.
Today, she looks the way Elizabeth Taylor could only have dreamed of at a similar age, with immaculately spiked hair and an elegant varicoloured casual suit.
The volcanic deposits became overlain by a blanket of Llanvirn ferruginous and manganiferous, varicoloured slate and chert and during Caradoc, the waters became anoxic (deeper?
The Razvedochnyj Fm (up to 160 m thick) is composed of varicoloured and grey argillites, siltstones and siliceous rocks.
The succession of the Burtnieki Stage consists mainly of light greyish-brown, yellowish and pinkish, weakly to medium-cemented sandstone, interbedding with varicoloured claystone and greenish-grey siltstone.