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dilatation of the veins associated with the spermatic cord in the testes

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Varicocele is found in approximately 15% of adult males, but the incidence could go as high as 40% in patients attending infertility clinics and up to 80% in those with secondary infertility.
Identifying mutations or differential expression in specific genes using blood transcriptome or whole exome sequencing may help us determine who would benefit from varicocele repair.
Similarly, compression of the left renal vein can cause left renal-to-gonadal vein reflux, resulting in lower limb varices and varicoceles in males (9).
11) There are several postulated mechanisms by which a varicocele alters testicular function and fertility.
In addition, the device will be targeted as a preventative measure for men employed in industries such as transportation and manufacturing where there is a higher risk of varicocele development.
Objectives: To find the prevalence of subclinical varicocele in subjects of severely impaired fertility potential.
Varicocele is the most common inguinoscrotal pathology among adolescents.
Chapter 19 discusses the pathophysiology of varicocele and the benefits of surgery in the adolescents and adults.
Sometimes the valves in the veins don't work as well and they can enlarge and form a varicocele.
It can cause dilatation of the testicular veins near the testis, leading to the formation of a varicocele.
Following this lack of response, the specialists told the man that they planned on revving up his testicles, this time through stimulating drugs and subjecting him to surgery for his varicocele, in case it might help.
El caso reportado es un paciente de 100 kgs de peso, 178 cms de estatura, con antecedentes de azoospermia secretora, varicocele izquierdo sometido a procedimiento quirurgico en el 2004, al examen fisico se encuentra organos sexuales normales, tamano de pene normal, testiculos de buen tamano, consistencia, ubicacion escrotal y epididimo normal, presencia de vasos deferentes, ausencia de hidrocele, a la biopsia testicular tubulos seminiferos con ausencia 80% de celulas germinales y 20% sin maduracion.
a varicocele that is a swelling of the veins in the scrotum could be an indication of renal tumor).
He had no symptoms of hyperactive bladder and no varicocele was noted.