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a variable quantity that is random

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The second canonical variate investigated multivariate relationships after accounting for the relationships in the first pair of canonical variate.
In Section 3, the extended matrix variate gamma function has been defined and its properties have been studied.
The results of the arrange marriages and elopement marriages indicated spurious relationship between cultural aspect with relation to the effects of divorce on women, while it was non-spurious in love marriage as indicated by the respective level of significance at bi variate level.
The purpose of this paper is to give a generalization of the matrix variate gamma distribution and study its properties.
Fouque and Han [8] introduced a control variate method (called the "martingale control variate method") to price options under the multiscale stochastic volatility model given by (4).
There was significant overlap in variability between the variables in the independent canonical variate set (i.
Principal component analysis, canonical variate analysis and discriminant analysis were done using PAST (Paleontological Statistics package for Windows version 2.
However, because the third variate accounted for less than 10% of the variance, it was not interpreted.
These structure correlations are calculated by multiplying the vector and canonical weights by the matrix of the within set of correlations for each variate according to the following equations:
Findings relating to the second canonical variate indicated that students with MA/PA attitudes tended to report a lack of attention to school work, inadequacy, opportunism, and self-interest as reasons for AD.
Those dependent variables with the largest absolute correlations best describe the structure of a given canonical variate (Stevens, 2009; Tabachnick & Fidell, 2013).
We organized the 257 specimens into one sample for a principal components analysis (PCA) and 13 samples for a canonical variate analysis (CVA) to search for patterns of geographic variation.
With the boundary condition, an analytic formula for the option with geometric average starting at any time before maturity is derived by solving the PDE, and the option with arithmetic average is evaluated in Monte Carlo simulation using control variate technique with the help of the above analytic solution.
The variables in the family environment set that correlated with the first canonical variate were Achievement (0.
To do this, since we have more reasonably dimensioned datasets, we perform a Canonical Variate Analysis (CVA), obtained from a Multivariate Analysis of Variance (MANOVA), on the scatter matrix [W.