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You are as well aware as I am of the extreme difficulty of following out any particular bed in the Australian coal measures in consequence of the great variableness of their condition, a remark which applies so generally to all members of the carboniferous (now dated as Permian) formation in N.
But emancipation is a different story, and a more confusing story because of the variableness in our use of the word "freedom.
And if happily yow thinke it a disparidgment to proclaime Mary Queene, having alreadye acknowledged Jane, shewinge thearby your variableness in that kinde; I tell yow this ought not to prevaile with yow, for when yow have com'itted an errour, you oughte to amend it and not maintaine it, especially nowe wheare you may purchase honour to youre selves, safety, liberty and quiet to your country, and content to all; whereas if yow should not strive to reform your errour, yow should showe small regard of yowre owne good, making yowre selves slaves, unthankfull to yowre country, neglecting the lawes and libertyes thereof, givinge occasion hereafter of continuall turmoiles in the state, wth infinite other inconveniences, that are like to growe from thence.
Simply said-the domestic and international public should reveal the answer to some questions: whether we are to continue building capitalism with all of its flaws or follow a certain option of a Putin-like "market economy", whether we are to continue moving towards the West and its integration or turn towards the East; do we want Asian, South-American or Russian personality cult or parliamentary democracy with guaranteed variableness of the leaders, are we ancient, Slav, some mix of both or perhaps a heavenly nations .
This variable region, we now realize, is the part of the antibody that binds antigen, and the source of this variableness is what Lennox and Cohn were speculating about in their review.