variable resistor

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resistor for regulating current

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In both cases, the semiconductor behaves as a variable resistor.
The product is the thinnest, lightest, most robust and cost-effective variable resistor available.
Tenders are invited for Mov 150 Volts, 20 Mm Dia, Make: Epcos Or Bourns Metal Oxide Variable Resistor Vrms 150V, V Dc: 200 V, Tolerance: Plus Or Minus 10 Percent.
Similar to a mechanical potentiometer, trimmer or variable resistor, the AD5206 offers a programmable resistance value between the A or B terminals and the wiper.
Controlled from a pin-selectable three-wire SPI or a two-wire 12C-compatible data interface, the AD5263 performs the same electronic adjustment function as a mechanical trimmer, variable resistor or potentiometer, while providing high reliability and smaller size.
bias] was applied through a variable resistor, tuned for [A.
Tenders are invited for Metal Oxide Variable Resistor Mov Disc Dia: 14 Mm, Vrms 150 Volts, Vdc:200V, Tolerance Plus Or Minus 10 Percent.
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