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any of various large tropical carnivorous lizards of Africa and Asia and Australia

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Caption: Figure 5 : Varan pris au piege, Danau Girang Field Center, Malaisie Credit photo Laura Shine[R]
The ultimate aim, Varan said, was to discover "new laws of truth" about advertising impact.
LRX and LRX-S robots are fitted with an integrated real-time Ethernet VARAN bus for fast data transmission.
Indeed, not only do translations of some Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist texts adhere to these tired old conventions but the translations they supply of Bhai Gurdas' beautiful odes, the varan (a part of the Sikh canon) are, with all due respect, positively ghastly (pp.
Bu durum batinilik boyutlarina varan bir ice kapanma degil; burokratiklesme ve ice kapanmanin tasavvufi harekette de ferdi ice donukluk ve sosyal hayattan uzaklasma biciminde tezahurudur.
99) is soft with a creamy melon smell and taste, whereas its excellent St VAran 2004 (pounds 7.
On the other hand, Varan (1990) studied the ego identity status of junior high school students concerning gender, age, and socioeconomic status and found that ego identity status was independent of gender.
The two countries' respective action plan talks got underway in recent weeks and Armenia's Foreign Minister Varan Oskanian appeared more relaxed on December 13: "At one point we were concerned we could become a victim of this delay.
Buna gore yazarin romanlarinin genc kiz ve kadinlar uzerine kurulu oldugu sonucuna varan Dogan, bunalrin toplumun her tabakasindan secilmis 'genel olarak onurlu, sevecen, yumusak huylu, iyi niyetli' kisilik yapisina sahip karakterler oldugunu aciklar.
For Tim Varan, owner of Tim's Wine Market, it's an educated customer.
Los cargamentos se varan en el litoral sudamericano.
The author gratefully acknowledges the RTK Program, especially Janet Varan, for computer and clerical assistance; the PEOSH Program, especially Gary Ludwig, for industrial hygiene expertise and support; Michele Kasick for computer assistance, coding, and data entry; and Richard Willinger, Eric Beckhusen, Virginia Brenton, and Carol Lamond for technical reviews of the article.
Shyam Varan Nath said, "The BIWA Summit grew steadily over the past few years to include a much larger audience with a multi-faceted focus in the analytics and data markets.
Renewable energy is a transformative solution that will meet energy as well as economic challenges globally, said Shyam Varan Nath, Director, Technology Integrations, IoT/Industrial Internet at GE Digital.