vapour pressure

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the pressure exerted by a vapor

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This paper is concerned primarily with the minimum vapour pressure requirements of Canadian winter fuels, Class III and Class IV, which are intended for 10% low-end design temperatures of <-7 [degrees]C and <- 20 [degrees]C respectively.
Appropriate seasonal vapour pressure limits can ensure that fuel tank vapour space mixtures are always too rich to be flammable so that it would be impossible for an ignition source (such as a faulty electric fuel pump) to cause a vehicle fire.
High vapour pressure has been identified as a possible factor in the fireball explosions witnessed after oil train derailments in Illinois and West Virginia in recent weeks.
The new rules, which take effect on April 1, aim to contain dangers by spot-checking the vapour pressure of crude before loading and capping it at 13.
Then, the occurrence of stable phases of both minerals in the presence of saturated solutions (L) and vapour (V) (namely, binary states G + V, G + L, A + L and A + V) is a multi-dependent phenomenon associated with specific values of vapour pressure, uv.
Unfortunately measurements of the vapour pressure imposed by the CaS[O.
Usually, these parameters are determined by best fitting the EoS solely to the vapour pressure of the considered substance.
The determination of m and n is performed with the help of a non-linear regression procedure (Daroux, 1991) by minimizing the sum of the squared residuals when, in a first step, as usual only vapour pressure data are used.
Reasons for this are the very low vapour pressure, a high flash point of 1 O3oC and the low toxicological risk potential.
The general dependence of the vapour pressure on the emulsion composition is a necessary prerequisite in order to establish the evaporation path.
Typically, optical fibres are fabricated by flame hydrolysis or chemical vapour deposition (CVD) processes that use gases or high vapour pressure liquids as precursors.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Reid Vapour Pressure Bath, Copper Corrosion And Rcr Bath
The Handbook of Green Chemicals describes approximately 7000 trade names that provide one or more of the following green attributes: biodegradable, environmentally safe/friendly, recyclable, HAP's-free, low ozone-depleting/non-ozone-depleting, VOC-compliant/low-VOC/VOC-free, low global warming, low vapour pressure chemicals, non-CFC/non-HCFC, SNAP, non-hazardous, SARA-non-reportable, halogen-free, non-carcinogenic, and non-toxic.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Auto Reid Vapour Pressure Tester
Robust detection of plastic explosives, which exhibit low vapour pressures, will still require residue detection even though bodies such as ICAO are encouraging the use of vapour `taggants'.