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Synonyms for vapory

so light and insubstantial as to resemble air or a thin film

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com)-- On January 15th Wood Creek Vapory will be opening its doors in Converse, at 8021 FM 78.
Still there is an annual catch limit on them and if the feds determine that vapory number has been reached it will be shut down.
was that vapory vibration of accumulated sounds that never ceased for a moment .
For even when coming into slight contact with the outer, vapory shreds of the jet, which will often happen, your skin will feverishly smart, from the acridness of the thing so touching it.
Shelley locates Peter as a kind of overdetermined touchstone: the "body of a double soul," the part of a whole that materially anchors its vapory extremes, as memory coordinates the merely notional time before and after the present moment.
It is of no help at all to encounter vapory claims, such as "there are considerable stretches where [Thomas Hooker's Application of Redemption] reads itself "; its "prose rejoices in its own vernacular conviction" (291).
both brighter and dreamier to the ear than they were to the eye, was that vapory vibration of accumulated sounds that never ceased for a moment, as it rose to the lip of granite where I stood wiping my foul mouth.
From the same dizzy altitude, through the same fine-spun, vapory crapey air; far, far down upon just such a packed mass of silent human beings; listening to just such grand harmonies; I stood within the topmost gallery of the temple.
Often, while relaxing on the top deck, we see and hear the explosive, vapory exhalations of humpback whales.
The rating board confronts subjectivity--a vapory, inexact witness and, at best, an imprecise measure.