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Synonyms for vaporous

so light and insubstantial as to resemble air or a thin film

Synonyms for vaporous

resembling or characteristic of vapor

filled with vapor

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There was even a touch of romance in her--of such romance as could creep into Limehouse Hole--and maybe sometimes of a summer evening, when she stood with folded arms at her shop- door, looking from the reeking street to the sky where the sun was setting, she may have had some vaporous visions of far-off islands in the southern seas or elsewhere (not being geographically particular), where it would be good to roam with a congenial partner among groves of bread-fruit, waiting for ships to be wafted from the hollow ports of civilization.
Told through stolen glances, lingering touches, wishful visions, memories, letters, and poems, Testament has the vaporous quality of memories: soft yet impossible to touch.
Three gases were used to fumigate those facilities--chlorine dioxide gas, vaporous hydrogen peroxide, and paraformaldehyde (Canter et al.
Fine manners, the gastronomic traditions of the aristocracy and societal standards of the elite are evoked through vaporous and elegant silhouettes on which extravagant and decorative motifs of porcelain art stand out in bold relief.
The bus pulled away from the station with a vaporous breath and headed to the highway, toward Jerusalem.
John shook his head: "-at's not smoke, mate," he replied, and they followed it down Octavia Hill Road - to the railings of Ford Cemetery, where the dark vaporous thing snaked through a gap in the railings and went into the forest of gravestones.
The project 'Transient Vaporous and Gaseous Cavitation in Pipelines' carried out at Deltares, Delft, The Netherlands, was funded through EC-HYDRALAB III Contract 022441 (R113) by the European Union.
Though our evildoers such as Dick Cheney and their apologists such as Charles Krauthammer make vaporous claims to the contrary, no one, including those with access into our government's security apparatus, can find any hard evidence that torture has made us safer.
Another photomontage, Bayonet, printed in vaporous charcoals, whites, and grays, shows the blackened head of a blown light bulb dangling between a woman's unnaturally distended, trunk-like thighs; it might have been culled from horror-movie versions of monstrously phallic femininity.
Poor air quality, such as what was present in China, can cause even greater respiratory distress for swimmers due to water's unique physical property of drawing fumes to its surface, concentrating these vaporous compounds where swimmers breathe air.
Those who exercise with their smartphones in their pockets can have the device collect vaporous sweat and moisture, but this can possibly void its warranty.
At humidity being less than the most favourable one, there is a deficit of vaporous moisture apt at transferring into the sand pores, therefore the [D.
Far from the vaporous celestial mass its name suggests, the cloud is as solid and earthbound as can be.
But the particulars of such a narrative, as the title "Evaporation" implies, remain vaporous, furthering our sense that human character is unquantifiable.