vanishing point

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the point beyond which something disappears or ceases to exist

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the appearance of a point on the horizon at which parallel lines converge

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The Red Centre and Vanishing Point are both |available on Amazon.
The proposed systems also include the 3D image reconstruction using the vanishing point algorithm and reconstruction pixel calculation in our project.
I demonstrated how to go to the vanishing point from the corners of the letters, which suddenly appeared 3-D, just like the squares/cubes.
Vanishing Point Vanishing Point is the world's first and favorite retractable fountain pen which makes a statement before you write a single word.
But one Could Still recognize a Macchi work by its extremely personal mixture of accident and melancholy, as in Parallel Lives, 1998, where two glass panes have broken in exactly the same way, or Vanishing Point, 2005, where a pattern on wallpaper seems to disappear into a corner between two walls.
A three-way co-production between the Belgrade, Glasgow-based Vanishing Point and Edinburgh's Royal Lyceum, this new version of John Gay's 1728 classic kicks it into an imagined urban future.
Set in the future, the Vanishing Point production tells the tale of the villian MacHeath (Sandy Grierson) and his band of followers who live in a dark underworld of muggers, smugglers, prostitutes and thieves.
Eric will be performing exhibition runs on the drag strip all weekend alongside the legendary Vanishing Point rocket car - which is a first for the UK.
His own essays The Vanishing Point of Communication and On Disappearance are included.
It's very good and everything, but, for me, their best work came with the heavy dub of Vanishing Point, and XTRMNTR's brutal intensity.
He is represented by Ingram Gallery, Toronto, where his exhibition Vanishing Point was on display in June 2008.
She is a painter herself, so descriptions of techniques (such as creating the vanishing point in a drawing) are carefully presented.
Performances in the first segment are lacklustre but improve greatly in the turbo-charged second half, building to that incredible finale, a homage to 1971 cult classic Vanishing Point.
The art world's perplexity surrounding the concept of linear perspective mirrors the reaction of my students when I attempt to explain terms foreign to them such as vanishing point, horizon line, and eye level.
FRINGE: Lost One from the Vanishing point company is a surreal, fantastical, comic adventure about a man with an unusual past.