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a crystalline compound found in vanilla beans and some balsam resins

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Silvestri 2012 Estate Barbera (Carmel Valley; $27) Ripe and polished, with supple tannins, prominent vanillin oak, black cherry, and a complex salty licorice finish.
The analysis of the hydro-methanol fraction of the seeds using TLC (hexane:acetone 7:3 [v/v]) reacted positively with Kedde reagent (spots with a reddish color), as brown spots appeared after the use of sulfuric vanillin solution, indicating the presence of acetogenins.
Price ML, Scoyoc SV and LGButtler critical evaluation of the vanillin reaction as an assay for tannin in sorghum.
The other examples look at the possible commercialization paths for lignin transformation technology that can be applied in the production of vanillin, resins, and carbon fibers.
TUNNOCK'S SNOWBALLS INGREDIENTS Sugar, glucose syrup, vegetable oil, skimmed milk powder, egg, albumen crystals, whey power (from milk), fat reduced cocoa powder, emulsifier-soya lecithin (E322), salt, vanillin, wheat flour and raising agent (sodium bicarbonate), desiccated coconut (16%).
Synthetic biology vanillin poses several human health, environmental and economic concerns for consumers, food companies and other stakeholders.
A smooth, full-bodied zin that presents aromas of dusty cedar, vanilla and cherry liqueur; subtle forest berry and ripe cherry flavors are sustained by well-concealed acidity and vanillin oak flavors; a pleasing hint of lavender surfaces in the finish.
A subtle but complex in the nose, with lovely and bright fruit aromas and supple oak shadings; citrus, pear, apple and melon all appear; equally complex on the palate, lush and beautifully balanced, with a delicious array of fruit flavors deftly tinted by vanillin, oak and cream.
Instead, I was cling- wrapped in the vanillin for ' wellness' and left to dry.
2006a) who reported no change in DMI of beef cattle fed a silage based diet supplemented with 2 or 4 g/d of a commercial mixture of EO compounds consisting of thymol, eugenol, vanillin and limonene.
This blend of 70% sangiovese with the rest made up of sagrantino, merlot and cabernet sauvignon has a bright bouquet of sweet vanillin notes which compliment the ripe cherry fruit, and an underpinning of darker fruit from the merlot and cab sav.
In this research, the team used both natural and laboratory-built versions, called "analogs," of certain compounds, including modified forms of thymol, cinnamic acid, and vanillin, like that from vanilla bean.
Its rich spicy, vanillin, fruit, balanced acidity and oaky finish would be better with roast lamb.
If you're using vanillin, stir it in when adding the cornstarch.