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The Prime Minister strongly disapproved the toppling of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, known as 'Lenin', statue in south Tripura and vandalism of social activist and politician E.
The committee, it will be recalled, was constituted by the Delta State government in 2016 to address the multifarious social and environmental challenges including vandalism of oil and gas installations.
html) called the vandalism "cowardly" and "a pitiful act of ugliness.
confiscation of property, such as smart phones and laptops, used to record and transmit graffiti vandalism
The insurance company denied coverage on the grounds that the fire was excluded as vandalism and malicious mischief.
Yi Shen Market had three instances of such vandalism in just one week, and multiple times over the last several months, the team said in a recent email.
GRC is a nonprofit corporation whose primary goal is to prevent graffiti vandalism and provide creative solutions that promote graffiti-free communities.
The results of vandalism in Malaysia or in other countries can be seen in a variety of locations: at bus stops; on signage and billboards; on walls at selected buildings in neighbourhood areas; and also on public facilities in parks and urban open space areas.
Local Labour MP Alun Michael describes the ruling Liberal Democrat-Plaid Cymru run Cardiff Council's plans to build east Cardiff's new secondary school on Llanrumney's park as vandalism ("MP says bid to build on park is 'civic vandalism' ", May 22).
Two teenage boys have been arrested in Florida after confessing to the vandalism of an Islamic school in West Kendall, the sixth time in recent years the site has been attacked.
With these statistics its no wonder one third of people over 50 say they are seriously worried about vandalism in their area.
MORE than two in five motorists have fallen victim to car vandalism, a survey has showed.
A GROUP of children have taken the problem of vandalism into their own hands with the help of Brierley Hill area committee.
Whether property managers oversee an office building, industrial complex or an apartment community, chances are they have to deal with vandalism.
The Year Five children at Oakland Junior School in Gateshead were awarded a prize in a Home Office competition looking for new ideas on how to tackle vandalism.