van der Waals

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Dutch physicist (1837-1923)

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He led the team that first demonstrated van der Waals forces as the primary source of gecko stickiness.
The DOCKING module of InsightII was used to calculate the empirical energy showing the contributions from the van der Waals and electrostatic components of the interactions between thrombin and its inhibitors and presented in Table.
Atoms on different layers of MWNTs are not connected by covalent bonds and the only interaction between them is through van der Waals forces.
The molecular properties selected for quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) modeling included van der Waals molecular volume (VD[W.
Rayon & Sordo [7] studied the nature of the interaction in donor- acceptor van der Waals complexes of borontrifluoride with carbon monoxide and ammonia at the MP2/6-31G** level.
An interdisciplinary team of researchers, led by Autumn, later confirmed speculation that the gecko's climbing ability depends on van der Waals forces, which are weak electrodynamic forces that operate over very small distances but bond to nearly any material.
Professor Antonia Kesel, head of the Bremen-based research group, said: 'One possible application of our research would be to develop Post-it notes based on the van der Waals force, which would stick even if they got wet or greasy.
Typically, foam-causing components stabilize foam because of ionic forces, hydrogen bonding, and van der Waals forces.
13) of Kamerlingh Onnes' close friend Johannes Diderik van der Waals.
Its mud architecture, of which the mosque is a remarkable example, testifies to the past richness and vitality of the city (Maas & Mommersteeg 1992; Bedaux & Van der Waals 1994).
Adri Van der Waals, Asia ballistics manager for Dutch firm DSM, sells more than $4 million worth of bullet-proof fibers to China each year.
Managing director Chris Van Der Waals has the headache of moving the company.
Indeed, the total amount of van der Waals bonding, directly related to the distribution function, as expected from the filler-filler network/model govern the physical properties of the filled rubber compounds.