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Synonyms for vamoose

Synonyms for vamoose

leave suddenly


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WHOLESALE resignations to be the order of the day at the GRA, with Oxford general manager Steven Rawle gone, Belle Vue counterpart Carl Warren due to follow suit, and marketing man John Gilburn already vamoosed.
Poet: When Trudeau tottered, then crashed, dragged Down by inflation fatigue and disco malaise, I vamoosed from Marxist-Leninist Montreal That Maoist-Trotskyist house, with only The vision of one Shelleyan kiss to infuse That lyric scribbled between prole cigar fumes And a billion New Brunswick potholes, "Love Poem/Song Regarding Weymouth Falls.
Even the down-on-her-luck-but-wildly-idealistic character's name is vaguely reminiscent: Alex DeMonaco (Elizabeth Lackey), an ex-con (her husband framed her for fraud, then vamoosed with their daughter), who got a law degree while in the slam and used it to help inmates and guards alike.
Today at 91, sound, nonopinionated reporter Gary has conformed a miracle in his health: Chronic dysphagia vamoosed, all is well (NCR, April 14).
God dad vamoosed after his Olympian high, so the boy never had a clue.
Part of the reason he vamoosed before my arrow arrived is because the bowstring hit the sleeve of my high-tech coverall and made a loud slapping sound.
Back in Albert Square, Jane is wondering if Ian's also vamoosed for good.
I ran round the corner but 'e'd completely vamoosed.
Most important of all the pub's former regulars - our old friend Mr Track E Bottoms and his fellow refugees from Special Brew Gardens - appeared to have vamoosed to be replaced by a mid afternoon crowd brimming with variety and bon homie.