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Synonyms for vamoose

Synonyms for vamoose

leave suddenly


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Earlier this year, the company expanded distribution through an accord with HBI Tobacco International in which Vamoose products will be stocked at HBI's Smokers Friendly's stores, a cigarette and tobacco chain with more than 500 locations in the U.
Hampshire-based Zulu Broadcasting, Video Vamoose plugs into any camcorder
Vamoose assigns an experienced, responsible ground crew to departure and arrival points to help passengers with their baggage or ticketing problems.
Potto Henry, trained like Vamoose by David Mullins, can complete a successful recovery mission in the 1.
One subtle whiff of fresh man-scent is guaranteed to make a mature deer vamoose.
Teeing off at 3pm, Steve Webster finally came off five hours and 36 minutes later - chiefly to the frustration of the gnarled, old pack of local hacks thirstily waiting to interview him, so they could vamoose off to their watering holes (for those lucky ones among them staying in overnight accommodation that had bars, that is).
Video VAMOOSE plugs into a camcorder and streams live video, audio and chat to the Internet with push button ease.
Vamoose Tobacco Odor Eliminator Available to 1,000,000 Stores and Businesses via DollarDays.
As a plate full of these harmlessly sized portions of bread disappears into your gullet with Mach 3 speed, all manner of afflictions, from jet lag to dangerous driving induced by hunger pangs, seem to vamoose magically.
This is an excellent book for anyone determined to say vamoose to the vacuum cleaner, kick over the iron board and slip free of suburbanite shackles.
Before he can vamoose with his cover secure, America is attacked by a number of nuclear blasts (artistic license allows Jericho's residents to view the one devastating Denver from afar), isolating the town from communicating with the outside world, and leaving them in the dark, literally and otherwise -- no one knows who's behind the attacks.
Mullins has taken the prize with Vamoose and Living Jewel in the last two years, and in Gawdblessya he looks to have a youngster that will be a better prospect than either of those two.
After the British defeat, many thought it would be wise to vamoose and they arrived in Liverpool, a bustling port of many costumes and tongues, to make a new start.
Video VAMOOSE plugs into any camcorder and streams live video and audio to the Internet with push button ease.