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Synonyms for vamoose

Synonyms for vamoose

leave suddenly


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Earlier this year, the company expanded distribution through an accord with HBI Tobacco International in which Vamoose products will be stocked at HBI's Smokers Friendly's stores, a cigarette and tobacco chain with more than 500 locations in the U.
That is, in Spanish, vamos includes the speaker, whereas vamoose in English is usually an imperative addressed to others.
Hampshire-based Zulu Broadcasting, Video Vamoose plugs into any camcorder
Vamoose assigns an experienced, responsible ground crew to departure and arrival points to help passengers with their baggage or ticketing problems.
Wollner and Vamoose declined to be interviewed for this story, but according to court documents, Wollner left with Ungar's private lists of customers and other contacts, and "misled customers into believing they were using Washington Deluxe's website and poaching customers as they waited for the Washington Deluxe bus.
But that doesn't stop trigger-happy townspeople from paying an unwelcome visit to their ranch, so the squabbling sisters-in-law are forced to vamoose.
The kids begin new friendships, even though they could compromise the family's secrets and will invariably be alienated anew when the inevitable time comes for them to vamoose yet again.
No stranger to the big competitions, Mullins has claimed many a prize, including the 1996 Milton Keynes Summer Cup, 1998 Champion Stakes at Romford with Pottos Storm, 2001 Midland Gold Cup at Monmore with Potto Knows, 2002 All England Cup at Brough Park with Let It Slip and the 2003 and 2004 Romford Puppy Cups with Living Jewel and Vamoose.
The hush-hush raid - codenamed Operation Vamoose - took place against a background of increasing protests from hauliers across Wales against high levels of tax on fuel.
While high in the sky the Bat Symbol was reflected from a convenient cloud, the sign for every small time villain to vamoose.
One subtle whiff of fresh man-scent is guaranteed to make a mature deer vamoose.
Teeing off at 3pm, Steve Webster finally came off five hours and 36 minutes later - chiefly to the frustration of the gnarled, old pack of local hacks thirstily waiting to interview him, so they could vamoose off to their watering holes (for those lucky ones among them staying in overnight accommodation that had bars, that is).
Rather dramatically, Vamoose calls itself The Internet's First Y2K Relocation and Safe Haven Site
Vamoose Tobacco Odor Eliminator Available to 1,000,000 Stores and Businesses via DollarDays.
As a plate full of these harmlessly sized portions of bread disappears into your gullet with Mach 3 speed, all manner of afflictions, from jet lag to dangerous driving induced by hunger pangs, seem to vamoose magically.