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cannon of plate armor protecting the forearm

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Soldiers from across the world have descended on North Wales for the weeklong Exercise Vambrace Warrior, involving troops from the USA, Malaysia, Ireland and Japan.
The HAC say the week-long Exercise Vambrace Warrior operation will be the most ambitious they have conducted.
Five hundred Licchavis equipped with leather vambraces and finger-protectors followed behind King Bimbisara.
The complete look appears on the left, while the right displays the individual parts--the helmet, gorget, pauldrons, couters, vambraces, gauntlets--all highly detailed, colored, and set against a pale ground.
Given that Scott has been at great pains to talk up the historical accuracy of his new Russell Crowe vehicle, you might be on the look out to ensure that the paladins might are equipped with the correct bracegirdles on their vambraces and the fluting on the arquebusses starts exactly one eighth from the stock.
After tracing a basic outline of the knight's body from an oak-tag pattern *, the various sections of armor were sketched in: the helmet, the breastplate and skirt, the vambraces (arm coverings) and gauntlets (gloves), the cuisses and greave (leg coverings), and the other accoutrements and details of a suit of armor.