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Synonyms for valvotomy

incision into a stenosed cardiac valve to relieve the obstruction

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Morphologic and hemodynamic consequences after percutaneous balloon valvotomy for neonatal pulmonary stenosis: Medium-term follow-up.
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In patients with pulmonary artery pressures or valve gradients above these values, percutaneous balloon valvotomy or surgical intervention is recommended, even for patients with apparently moderate mitral stenosis at rest (1, 9).
The first successful transauricular mitral valvotomy was performed in 1925 by Henry Souttar at the London Hospital.
Closed mitral valvotomy and elective ventilation in the postoperative period: effect of mild hypercarbia on right ventricular function.
A valvotomy was performed, opening slits in the valve to increase blood flow.
Balloon valvotomy has been done during pregnancy However, it's not ideal because when the balloon is blocked across the aortic valve, there's no cardiac output for several seconds.
Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty, electrophysiological study, biopsy, hemodynamic monitoring, balloon valvotomy.
Balloon pulmonary valvotomy as interim palliation for symptomatic young infants with tetralogy of Fallot.
Pulmonary valvotomy was carried in two cases for valve stenosis.
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Shaukat Hassan (later Lt Gen) did first closed mitral valvotomy operation.