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He also worked within the RICS regulation department to develop and implement the worldwide Valuer Registration Scheme.
The District Valuer concluded that, if imposed, the council's policies on affordable housing and financial contributions would threaten the viability of the development.
Pre Qualification: Only For Empanelled Valuer - As Per Tender Documents Attached
Similarly, the valuer of today must keep abreast of everything from uncertainty surrounding the way forward for the Basic Payment Scheme for farmers and the details of Countryside Stewardship.
Meanwhile, Lots Road's youngest valuer Megan questions her choices as she nervously puts 50 designer handbags up for sale, and pawnbroker 'Johnny Cash' turns up with a vintage Playboy bunny outfit that he's convinced is worth more than PS2,000.
Rob Jackson, RICS Middle East director, added: "RICS sees the introduction of Valuer Registration as a fundamental step to supporting the government in their drive for a transparent and sustainable property market through the adoption of international standards and best practice.
More than 200 items from the former Bairds Bar in the east end of Glasgow, which closed in 2013, will go under the hammer in an online auction by valuers McTear's.
RICS developed the regulatory monitoring initiative, known as Valuer Registration (VR) following the last global financial crisis to ensure the consistent application of professional valuation standards worldwide.
The CAG's audit report after the stake sale had pointed out that the global adviser had treated three HZL mines as non- core assets while the asset valuer in his valuation had assumed that five mines were non- operational and had exhausted their economic life.
As a qualified valuer, she can now carry out valuations and I know that she has both the practical and academic skills needed to excel in this specialist role.
Whereas 14 Charted Accountant and Valuer Firms also submitted EOIs for placement on PC panel.
So it was a very pleasant surprise when valuer Jeremy Rye - visiting a house in Shropshire to look at an English dessert service - spotted a valuable imperial-quality Chinese vase (below).
According to the statement issued here on Wednesday, the roundtable discussed subjects like introduction of chain acquisition principle, takeover fee, and clarification on negotiated weighted price, introduction of chartered accountant as valuer for valuation of financial assets, fixing responsibility of acquirer to confirm the report of valuer, changes in the office of manager to offer.
KEEP IT REAL: Catherine Holt, auction manageress and valuer with Sutton Kersh