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Synonyms for valueless

Synonyms for valueless

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of no value

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The land has been stolen from me, it's now valueless - it's not worth a penny.
But on the other hand, since no one who uses the terms '"Fine Gael'" or '"Fianna Fail'" has any real memory of their meaning, the words are essentially valueless.
The thief got a few pounds, some pieces of jewellery and a host of things valueless to anyone but me.
We have done dialogues thrice with the local Taliban but unfortunately every time they were valueless he added.
He added that Iran will make every effort to keep the valueless cylinder extremely safe when it arrives in the country.
It also exposes yet again the systemic limitations of government by quango, or what Camilla Cavendish has termed Parkinson's Second Law--that meetings, reports, vanity projects and valueless activity--expand to fill the budget available.
Public Protection portfolio holder Graham Brown said: "These gangs use intimidating tactics; banking on the idea that if they have started work, then householders will let them complete it, then charge them extortionate rates for valueless work.
Those who telecast indecent programs and meaningless serials in order to engage Muslims in valueless amusement should seek God's pardon.
For people in or entering the intelligence profession, Perry (ethics, Davidson College, North Carolina) charts a path between the extremes of moral certainty and valueless shades of ambiguity as he suggests approaches to some of the more spectacular outrages that US government officials have been caught perpetrating of late.
Bol cried saying that "this world is very valueless and really I do not know what actually I can do again; my dearly loved romantic husband has gone into a lasting coffin box and surely has left me behind a coffinC*.
It gives new life to objects discarded as valueless.
Failure to obtain these rights has the potential to render your award valueless.
Nietzsche wrongly thought that when the authority of religion is overthrown, a nihilistic view is inevitable, namely, that the world is valueless, purposeless and amounts to nothing.
Investment will suffer, even more jobs will be put at risk, and recent trade benefits for developing countries will be rendered valueless.
The FSA did not specify why these policies may have been valueless to the individuals concerned, but some have been criticised for ruling out claims by self-employed people or pensioners.