value-added tax

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a tax levied on the difference between a commodity's price before taxes and its cost of production

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It will include the customs value, rate of return, table tax, in addition to the value-added tax (VAT).
He mentioned, value-added tax earnings and expenses are expected to hit 190 trillion rials.
The bank is believed to have purchased permits from a criminal organization that failed to pay the value-added tax to the state, and now the bank has renounced its right to seek compensation from the government.
The president also signed Saturday a draft law to exempt red and green diesel from the value-added tax of LL3,000 per 20 liters.
Tata Motors Limited (Tata) (NYSE : TTM), an India-based automaker, is passing on a four percent cut in India's central value-added tax to its customers.
On June 9, TEI submitted recommendations to the European Commission on modernizing the value-added tax obligations for financial services and insurances.
It also discusses the differences between income and consumption taxation and examines the five major consumption tax alternatives [retail sales tax, credit-invoice value-added tax (VAT), subtraction method VAT, "the flat tax" (a single-rate consumption tax), and personal consumption tax].
Value-Added Tax would effect any new real estate developments which would be taxed.
Some possibilities include raising the state income tax or moving to a value-added tax system.
The association, founded in 1998, offers advice on bookkeeping, internal financial controls, risk assessment, employment issues, value-added tax, data protection and tax-efficient giving.
The value-added tax in Europe and state sales taxes in this country prove that consumption taxes can be accepted.
Taxes and duties (called the value-added tax, or VAT) charged on international sales are often due upon receipt of the item.
Legislators of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) have criticized some aspects of the proposal, especially the unpopular expansion of the value-added tax, but they haven't rejected the bill outright.
The value-added tax on household purchases has been cut in half.
Tarrin also told reporters the government will consider personal income tax and value-added tax cuts as a part of the pump-priming measures.
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