value orientation

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the principles of right and wrong that are accepted by an individual or a social group

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Social enterprises that exhibit a social value orientation have decision-makers who proactively take the risks to innovate their products, processes, strategy or business propositions to more effectively and efficiently meet the needs of the poor while guided by values that either implicitly or explicitly embrace St.
Thus, sayings like "Gentleman is content with poverty;" "Poverty brings carefree life;" "Wealth only brings worries;" "Gentleman does not talk about money" became accepted value orientation for the educated Chinese in relation to money.
In this study we consider cultural value orientation at the individual level.
This research examined the value orientation of students, new graduates, and seasoned practitioners with regard to the fundamental values of professional nursing as delineated in the American Nurses Association (ANA) Code of Ethics (2001).
The unifying element among members of the Black middle class appears to be a common value orientation and motivation toward social mobility.
The authors cite data showing that residents of most OECD countries have a shared value orientation when it comes to health care.
Some physician executives will be challenged by this turnaround in value orientation.
The interpretations mean, of course, that drug usage is inversely linked to all the variables except delinquent associates and subterranean value orientation.
The moderately high social, economic, religious, and aesthetic value orientation, coupled with a strong theoretical bias, gave this group a fairly well-balanced and ethically sensitive value profile.
Medved's critique may well express the concerns felt by middle-class Americans who share his value orientation.
FPA's equity and fixed income styles are linked by a common fundamental value orientation.
Both place great emphasis on profitable growth, innovative strength, reliability, a motivated workforce, and strong value orientation.
It adapts the Covin and Slevin (1989) entrepreneurial orientation scale to measure the adoption of entrepreneurship by a social enterprise, and develops a scale that combines a Vincentian based focus to serve the poor with a propensity to take a more entrepreneurial approach toward business as a measure of a social value orientation (SVO).
Established by the Bradshaw family in 1969 and acquired by Arbor in 2008, Bradshaw has experienced tremendous growth over the past four years, benefitting from its value orientation, product innovations and strong customer relationships.