value judgement

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an assessment that reveals more about the values of the person making the assessment than about the reality of what is assessed

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If we keep this in mind we shall know how to find our way between relativism on the one hand and the abuse of value judgements on the other.
It is impossible to establish the truth of the value judgements underlying these norms of justice on the basis of empirical facts.
12) Merely employing the specific terminology of futility could cause a physician to decide that a specific treatment is not 'medically indicated', and in this way the value judgement could be masked.
Putting it bluntly, it was based on a value judgement that the white race was superior to the black race.
A value judgement that sadly can't be applied to Solihull's old clunker.
As Wackernagel points out, the market itself is a value judgement, as it dismisses everything but financial transactions.
During the period of decision-making and value judgement, the recognition of fouls becomes a vital concern.
Muthesius refers to modest surveys of student opinion and keeps hinting at consequences, but it seems as though his perception of the historian's role denies him what he might regard as the luxury of value judgement.
Having watched his wife shop, Ed Connor, the senior author and director of the universitys Zanvyl Krieger Mind/Brain Institute, can appreciate the speed of value judgements.
Uses of Value Judgements in Science: A General Argument, with Lessons for a Case Study of Feminist Research on Divorce.