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a girl who grew up in the tract housing in the San Fernando Valley

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I remember talking to the great drama director John Hefin, who we sadly lost last year, about the phenomenon of the Valley Girl.
Let's just say, the Valley Girl in me is planning something a bit wild.
Wilding has outraged us Valley Girls with her comments in force trade magazine Jane's Police Review.
Borrowing from the song's language, the story centered on "Julie," a 15-year-old Valley girl who falls in love with a Hollywood punker named "Randy," played by the then-emerging Nicolas Cage.
Unlike Laura Cottingham's art-world driven Anita Pallenberg Story, 1999, which, with its strident nostalgia, never surpassed karaoke redux, Valley Girl doesn't exist only to be cool.
The classic Valley Girl pose may be most easily recognised on Welsh rugby international days, and they may like watching rugby - but not that many get off their comfy seat at home, in the rugby club, or at the pub, and actually play it.
Freedom Valley Girl Scout Council includes over 24,000 members in Chester, Bucks and central Montgomery Counties.
As Abdul put it, Sloan isn't only a great talent; "she's a Valley Girl to boot" -- two good reasons to cheer her on to victory.
and a member of the Finance Committee of the Cumberland Valley Girl Scout Council.
A wrongful death case filed by the widows of three Los Angeles firefighters who died in a 1998 helicopter crash that also killed a Sun Valley girl was settled Tuesday after eight years in litigation.
Even that enduring 1980s icon - the Valley Girl - is alive and well in the Santa Clarita Valley, albeit with a few subtle differences.
1) Actress Dakota Fanning, 11, recites the Girl Scout oath in Burbank Thursday as she was inducted into the San Fernando Valley Girl Scout Council.
Brooks Van Grinsven is Mary Jane, Libby's not-so-bright Valley Girl waitress; Lou Dolan is Nicky Polumba, the cook from the Bronx; and Libby's children, whom she attempts to keep occupied since they spend a lot of time hanging out at the diner, are played by Haley Lohrli (Suzie) and Ori Brian (Jimmy).
The victory over Valley Girls sets up a showpiece clash with Llanyrafon at Newtown on April 6.
POUCHED: Michael Smith of The Co-op (centre) presents PS2,000 to Holme Valley Girls Cricket Club committee member Alison Crossley with team coach Phil Kendall (far right)
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