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(anatomy) any furrow or channel on a bodily structure or part

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Mediante radiografias de torax y cuello y panendoscopia, se identifico lesion en la vallecula, que no penetro hacia cuello sino hacia la base de la lengua.
Causes of obstructive sleep apnoea in younger age Structure Neonates & infants Nasal Aplasia, Stenosis, Atresia, Masses Tonsils Tongue Macroglosia, Vascular malformations of the tongue and pharynx, Congenital cysts of the vallecula of tongue.
It should be noted that in the over-60s, the swallow may only become reflexive as the bolus reaches the vallecula (between the back of the tongue and epiglottis).
If the airway is too long it can pass into the larynx or into the vallecula (a blind-ended pouch at the root of the tongue (Stoneham 1993), or it can cause airway obstruction if it is pressed against soft tissues.
1) Tumour spread often occurs posteriorly and inferiorly into the vallecula, the epiglottis and hence to the supraglottis and pre-epiglottic space (1) (Fig.
Traditionally, the main morphological differences for identifying these 11 local-used Chaihu are the characters observed from their original plants: the width of involucel bracts, the shape of leaves, the number of umbellules and the vitta number at the vallecula and commissure of fruits; and the characters from the major morphological features of their dried roots: the shape and texture of roots, straight or detached, the color of root and cut surface, with/without fiber-like petiole residues, rich in xylem fiber or not.
The pseudomembrane covered the supraglottic structures, including the epiglottis, vallecula and piriform sinus, the postericoid region, and glottic inlet.
The patient showed marked mucosal inflammation of the vallecula lingual and laryngeal surfaces of the epiglottis, aryepiglottic folds; and vocal cords.
All bones were visualized with the exception of a bone in the axial plane in the vallecula.
Finally, in patient 5, endoscopy located a round subepithelial lesion in the right vallecula (figure 4); the CT findings were similar to those of patient 4.
3) No Head Tilt: Blade tip positions easily at the epiglottic vallecula to facilitate direct visualization of the cords, with the patient in any position.
Foreign body like fish bone usually gets lodged in fleshy areas like tonsil, base of tongue, vallecula and posterior pharyngeal wall and subglottis.
When enlarged, these tonsils will efface the vallecula, the space just anterior to the epiglottis.
As the fingers were advanced to the base of the tongue (radix linguae), each finger tended to lie in the vallecula of the tongue and the hyoid could be palpable.