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Synonyms for validate



Synonyms for validate

Synonyms for validate

give evidence for

make valid or confirm the validity of

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LifeSpan BioSciences, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, is a privately held company founded in 1995 that employs human tissues, specific antibodies and immunohistochemistry to identify and validate targets for its biotechnology and pharmaceutical company customers in Europe, Asia and North America.
Ixia's IxVoice test solution is designed to validate the key IMS subsystems for interoperability, functionality, and performance.
Acquirers whose Level 1 and 2 merchants validate compliance after March 31, 2007 and prior to August 31, 2007 will be eligible to receive a reduced one-time payment for each qualifying merchant.
The company's flagship products, TrustKeeper[R] and TrustMinder[TM], serve more than 25,000 businesses throughout the world to validate compliance with a variety of industry standards and regulations.
We are pleased to validate the integration of Citrix's solutions with our PeopleSoft software," said Tom Herrmann, vice president, ISV Management and Programs, Oracle.
Organizations are looking for NAC enforcement appliances that can identify and authorize users, validate that they are in compliance, grant them access to specific resources and continually inspect traffic to ensure policy compliance.
The Agilent N2X was used to validate IPTV and triple-play service delivery and for functional testing of network operations at all layers -- from GMPLS, MPLS to IP and triple-play service delivery.
The Agilent N2X multiservices test solution -- the industry's first solution for validating IPTV service quality for thousands of individual subscribers under real-world triple play network conditions -- allowed Juniper to validate the performance of its IPTV and Multiplay solutions in a highly scaled and dynamic network environment.