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a decorative framework to conceal curtain fixtures at the top of a window casing

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We investigated the automatic influence of affective valence on enumeration.
Given its attention-capturing effects, valence might have considerable impact on enumeration.
We have been testing the Tarentella-by-Tadpole appliance for just over a month with very positive responses from our users," said Mike Susoev, vice president of information technology at Valence Semiconductor.
One user was David Murillo, Valence Semiconductor's senior systems administrator.
The HomePlug specification is developed by the HomePlug Alliance, of which Valence is an active member.
With the introduction of the VS6801 front-end interface, Valence has taken a significant step in advancing the market for HomePlug solutions that reduce component costs and enable a broad suite of value-added applications.
Valence has a series of products in these areas scheduled for release over the next six months.
Alberto is a leader in home networking technology who can help Valence lead the industry in defining market-centric objectives and products," said Mehrdad Negahban, president and CEO for Valence Semiconductor.
Fred Tarazi, Vice President of Manufacturing Operations for Valence Semiconductor said, "We selected Teradyne's Catalyst because we achieve the lowest risk in time-to-market and best test economics.
Valence Semiconductor is a rapidly growing mixed-signal communications semiconductor company specializing in the design of highly integrated, advanced silicon solutions that enable the transmission of voice, video, audio and data within home and office network environments.
Because the total power consumption of the RF is only 27 mWatts, the VS7001 receiver can be placed in battery-operated devices that will open many new GPS and mobile connectivity markets for both Sony and Valence.
This design win with Sony is an important step for Valence as an emerging company because it allows us to work closely with a world leader in home entertainment, consumer electronics and digital media -- all markets for which we are currently developing silicon solutions," said Les Barkley, senior vice president of business development for Valence Semiconductor.
Gulak will be responsible for the company's LSI engineering activities covering all Valence products through conception, design and validation.
Prior to joining Valence on a full-time basis, Gulak served as a senior technology advisor for the company beginning in 1999.
ExtractionStage is the only complete offering we benchmarked that provides a single extraction engine for all our design styles, including mixed-signal, SOC, and high-frequency RF designs," said Romeo Kharileh, Valence vice president of core technology.