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a farewell oration (especially one delivered during graduation exercises by an outstanding member of a graduating class)

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The strong community feel which envelops the college was perhaps best summed up by leaver Bethan Lenz's Valedictory address at the ceremony.
Clayton Lawrence, in his valedictory address as the 2015 valedictorian of the SBA Emerging Business Leaders Initiative class, made the focal point of his speech to call himself and other small business leaders towards continued and dedicated action in their communities.
Last month I delivered the valedictory address for international masters students at Tel Aviv University.
The veteran Labour MP, who is standing down after 24 years, also used his valedictory address to quote his father, who he described as the "best in the world", and Nelson Mandela.
Favreau, an alum who delivered the valedictory address in 2003.
As global economy recovers and as new measures take effect, I am confident that Indian economy will also get back step by step to the high growth path in three years", he said while delivering the valedictory address at Petrotech 2014.
The event, organised by the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, will be inaugurated by Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and President Pranab Mukherjee will deliver the valedictory address on January 9.
I will argue that the valedictory address reflects Tennyson's thinking on poetic utterance and on his office as a poet, and is part of a historically specific attempt to define the poet's authority in a changing literary field.
Despite this being the eve of what may be the most important rollback of monetary policy ever, Ben Bernanke has passed on the chance to make a valedictory address.
Manikkam, Secretary General, Life Insurance Council, in his valedictory address, reminded insurers that they should have a concrete agenda in their social welfare activities and that beyond their role as insurers they should keep in mind their responsibilities to the society and to the country as citizens.
Robert Dozier gave out a sort of valedictory address after winning the Best Import award over Macklin earlier, shooting 27 points that went with 20 rebounds, seven assists and six shotblocks in another mammoth performance that Ginebra didn't come close to solving.
Eight centuries later, in his November 2012 valedictory address, Hu Jintao, Chinas outgoing president and the Communist Party's general secretary, urged his successors "to build China into a maritime power.
However, he took a conciliatory tone in what sounded like a valedictory address to reporters after on Monday's match in Durban.
As Cathie mentioned in her moving valedictory address, her presidency coincided with an extraordinary era for nursing education.
In his valedictory address at the Church's annual General Assembly in Lampeter Mr Hodgins will highlight the need to speak graciously to avoid alienating people who don't attend church.